Xayne vs Skyler vs Wolfrahh : Which Free Fire MAX character is better for Clash Squad?  

When it comes to fast-paced activity in Free Fire MAX, the Clash Squad mode has no break even with in-game. It highlights a few rounds that final a small over a diminutive each. Players must battle each other in a constrained sum of space to pick up supremacy. In this mode, a player’s ability will be tried to their limits. Know the differences between Xayne vs Skyler vs Wolfrahh to make you able in choosing the right character for Clash Squad in Free Fire MAX.

Xayne vs Skyler vs Wolfrahh

In any case, to genuinely exceed expectations amid the coordinate, a great character must be utilized. Three such characters are Xayne, Wolfrahh, and Skyler. They are well suited to most circumstances in-game. In any case, as it were one of them is the most excellent in Clash Squad mode.  

The ability of Xayne in Free Fire MAX   

Xayne has an ability that enables the Free Fire MAX players and permits them to bargain 130% additional harm to gloo dividers and shields. An additional 80 HP will moreover be picked up once the capacity is enacted. It keeps going for 15 seconds and takes 100 seconds to cool down.  

Xayne in Combats  

Xayne is nice for hurrying adversaries and breaking down their guards. This clears the way for other partners to press the assault and overpower their opponents.  

The ability of Wolfrahh in Free Fire MAX  

Wolfrahh’s Ability in Free Fire MAX permits the Free Fire MAX players to end up more grounded by accomplishing more murders or watchers. When maxed out, the client will bargain 20% additional harm to an enemy’s appendages and maintain 30% less harm from headshots.  

Wolfrahh in Combats  

Even though Wolfrahh is way better suited for 1v4 matches within the BR mode, players can utilize his capacities in Clash Squad. In any case, the group must guarantee that the player gets more slaughters to extend the effectiveness of his ability.  

The ability of Skyler in Free Fire MAX  

Skyler has an amazing ability that is Riptide Rhythm that empowers the client to devastate gloo dividers with ease. When actuated, a sonic wave moves forward and annihilates up to five gloo dividers in its way. Once utilized, the capacity takes 40 seconds to cool down. The character can moreover recover wellbeing by setting gloo walls.  

Skyler in Combats  

Given Skyler’s Ability in Free Fire MAX, players can utilize him to fulfill various parts in combat. In any case, his fundamental work in a gunfight is to annihilate the enemy’s gloo dividers and permit the rest of the squad to press the attack.  


Considering how brief each circular keeps going in Squad Clash mode, Skyler is the most excellent choice for players according to this Xayne vs Skyler vs Wolfrahh. His capacity includes an exceptional moo cooldown time, which in hypothesis would permit players to utilize it twice in around. Furthermore, with the capacity to self-heal, players will be able to hold they’re possess in combat situations. This makes the character exceptionally capable in a 1v1 circumstance, giving them an edge within the fight. 

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