Which one is Better “Garena Free Fire” or “PUBG”?

Garena Free Fire game and PUBG, both games are better in their ways. These games have given amazing experiences to the players. Before Free Fire, PUBG was the most downloaded game in the entire world. Whether it comes to features or the experiences, everything is amazing in both games. 

Garena Free Fire

The Garena Free Fire and PUBG mobile are the two most renowned names in the gaming world. When you search on google about games, these two names will be visible at the top of the page. Both games have amazing qualities with their amazing graphic designs that work so smoothly while playing. 

Let’s make a comparison of Free Fire with PUBG to see which is the superior game.

Garena Free Fire Mobile Game 

  1. Garena Free Fire is famous among the players for its low-end device optimization functions. This Garena Free Fire title has different features and different ways of gameplay. It is a battle royale game in which you will get to pit with the enemies.  
  2. Garena Free Fire game offers you to play with 50 players only. You need to fight with the remaining 49 players in this game. 
  3. You will get a different time duration because this game has 50 players to play. 
  4. The game will finish in 15 minutes only in Garena Free Fire. 
  5. all the characters and items have special abilities in this game. 
  6. You will get the pets along with you so that you can create a time while playing. 
  7. You will get a surfboard; zip line and you can also form gloo walls. 
  8. You will get amazing loot till the end of the match.

PUBG Mobile Game 

  1. PUBG mobile game is famous for its heavy and rich graphics. 
  2. You will get a different experience in this game. 
  3. PUBG game can be played with 100 players.  
  4. You can play a match that lasts approximately 30 to 35 minutes which is much.  
  5. This game has not the pets but you will be able to get loot, fight, survive till the end of the match.

Who is The Winner “FREE FIRE” or “PUBG”?

When it comes to Free Fire vs PUBG mobile gameplay, free fire has the most amazing features whereas, PUBG is unable to give you that many features like Free Fire. According to the gameplay, Free Fire is better than PUBG. When it comes to graphics, PUBG is better in graphics which looks more realistic whereas Free Fire is more cartoonish. If you are looking for better graphics then you can play PUBG. If you want to get the amazing features with amazing characters and items then Free Fire is best. 

As playing is the main thing for any player so that means in this Free Fire vs PUBG mobile battle, Free Fire is a winner. Am not saying that PUBG is the worst. PUBG is an amazing app and most downloaded game that attracts so many fans. If you want to get the experience by playing both the games then you can install it into your device. Install it and avail of amazing features and characters.

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