Best Free Fire MAX settings for headshots in Android devices  

In Garena free fire MAX, Headshots are one of the most crucial expects to face the contradiction. The technique of Headshots for the battlefield has proved to be the best so far. Free Fire MAX players can easily take down the foes by aiming the Headshots. Players just need to be mastered their skills and strategies. Aiming the headshots can take you till the end of the impedance.   

Free Fire MAX Headshots

Along with the adjectives, there will be some factors that can trace the bad influence on your abilities and skills. Via using some Free Fire MAX settings for headshots, players can master their skills. If you are not good at using Free Fire MAX guns then you don’t need to worry. The developers of Free Fire MAX have provided a practice mode for the players so that they can work on their skills and abilities. To know the best Free Fire MAX Headshots settings, have a look below.   

Settings for Aiming the Headshots in Free Fire MAX  

Sensitivity Settings  

Sensitivity settings of Free Fire for Android have been the arguably most recommended Headshot settings by the Free Fire MAX pro players. Via sensitivity settings, players will be able to get a smooth gameplay experience and can be able to eliminate the lag issue from the game. Look at the list below of some settings that you can apply for your gameplay.   

General: 95 – 100  

Red Dot: 90 – 100  

2x Scope: 75 – 85  

4x Scope: 75 – 85  

Sniper Scope: 60 – 65  

Free Look: 75 – 80  

Graphics Settings  

Free Fire MAX players should set the graphics settings according to the precursory of the utmost mass of FPS. As usual, it is considered that this setting can be customized according to the device that you are using for Free Fire MAX. If you are a low-end device user then you need to keep it to the minimum level always. A higher level of the graphics settings can be the cause of facing the lag issue.  

Some other Settings for Free Fire MAX Headshots  

Other settings for using Headshots in Free Fire MAX are mainly based on the preferences of the player’s comfort. Players can use the Custome HUD settings for getting quick headshots. You need to place the buttons in pursuance of the device, grip, and also playstyle.   

Hence, players can use the practice mode organized by the developers where they can try various settings for applying headshots. In the trial mode of Free Fire MAX, players can set the settings according to their comfort level. Trial-mode has many things that you can use to practice. You can also use several characters and guns with other fellow beginners.   

Use the given settings for aiming the better Headshots. Through these settings, you will also be able to get a smooth gameplay experience by eliminating the lag issue from your device. Read the information above and apply the given settings on your device to face all the challenges gracefully.    

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