The Top 5 Highest Earning Indian Free Fire Players!   

Garena Free Fire is a popular game in the gaming world, and Google Play Store awarded it the title of the most downloaded game. More than half of the public prefers to play Garena Free Fire because it features a lot of in-game goodies that keep the game exciting. We all know that playing games are fun, but have you ever made money just by playing them? Many people throughout the world make a profession playing games. Many gamers in India are making money, gaining a reputation, and much more. 

Free Fire Players

Garena Free Fire gives to the players such as name, fame, money and so much. There are several methods by which you can earn money by playing your favorite game. Many players created their own YouTube channels and earned them by uploading their gaming-related content on their channels.   

How FF Players are Earning Money?  

Do you know what pro players of Garena Free Fire do? The pro players of Free Fire have their own YouTube channel in which they are uploading their gaming videos. Having a good number of subscribers can also help you in earning money. If you want to earn money then you need to have more than 1,00,000 viewers and subscribers on your channel. The popularity of your channel can be the reason for your profit. Want to know the names of the Top 5 earning players of Free Fire? Read the list below and try to earn money like them.   

List of Top 5 Money Earning Players in Free Fire  

1- Desi Gamer  

Free Fire Players

Desi Gamer is a Free Fire player and his channel is also running with the same name. His YouTube channel is known as the fifth most subscribed YouTube channel in India in terms of gaming. As he got the big popularity on his channel, he is the fifth player who has more income from his YouTube channel in which he is uploading gaming-related content. He got a total number of 1.13 crore subscribers on his channel along with 18 lakh followers on his Instagram handle. He is earning around 5 lakh per month by just uploading the gaming-related content.   

2- Gyan Gaming  

Free Fire Players

His name is Ankit Sujan and running his YouTube Channel with the name Gyan Gaming. On his YouTube Channel, he got 1.18 crore subscribers. He started his YouTube channel in 2017 and now he is on the list of top-earning players of Free Fire. By uploading the gaming-related content, he is earning around 7 lakhs per month.   

3- Lokesh Gamer  

Free Fire Players

His YouTube channel was started in 2019 and you can search for his channel with the same name. In the last 3 years, he got big popularity with a total number of 12.7 million subscribers. The income of Lokesh Gamer is around 7 to 8 lakhs per month. If you want to know more about him then you can search his YouTube channel and can see his amazing content on your own.  

4- As Gaming  

Free Fire Players

His name is Sahil Rana and his YouTube channel is running with AS Gaming name. He started his YouTube channel which is filled with Free Fire Content in 2016 and has more than 14 million subscribers. The total income of this content creator is around 8 lakhs per month.  

5- Total Gaming  

Free Fire Players

His name is Ajay and he is one of the top Free Fire players. Ajay owned his YouTube channel that is running with the Total Gaming name. In comparison to the other players, he is the richest Free Fire player. The income of this player is 10 lakhs per month.   

These are the top five wealthiest Garena Free Fire players. If you’re curious to know more, go to their YouTube channel and look for their earning strategy.   

Sunny Ghuman
Sunny Ghuman
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