Tips & Tricks to Play Free Fire MAX For the First Time   

After the banning of Garena free fire on the Indian Server, a lot of players switched their gameplay to the enhanced version of Garena free fire which is Free Fire Max. Instead of those expert players, some players are still unaware of Playing Free fire MAX just because they have not switched their gameplay to Free Fire Max or maybe they are a beginner.

To make this query into our mind, I have prepared this blog in which every beginner or an expert will get the tips and tricks to play like a pro. If you are going to play Free Fire MAX for the first time, you should check out the details below that I have provided for every free fire lover. Through the given details, the Free Fire MAX players will be able to handle any sort of difficulties on the battlefield. 

Playing Free Fire MAX

Understanding the strategies for Playing Free Fire MAX is a little difficult but when you aim it, you can be the last standing player in most matches. By reaching the end of this guide, any Free Fire MAX player will be able to create strategic ideas for their gameplay. When playing Free Fire versus players who are more experienced and have played the game for a long time, newbies may experience puzzled and perplexed. Before you begin competing and attaining success, you must understand the dos and don’ts. Here are some pointers for those who are just beginning with Free Fire.  

List of Some Tips and Tricks for Newbies  

A) Become a master of the gloo wall  

Have you ever tried Gloo wall in while Playing Free Fire MAX? If yes! Then you are not going to face much trouble on the battlefield. If you are a beginner then let me tell you that the Gloo wall is a shield that will protect you against foes. You can hide behind the Gloo wall and also you can cover yourself from being hit by the bullets. Gloo walls are a savior in Free Fire MAX, whether it’s combat or having to cross open ground under fire. It is critical to master this strategic element to succeed in the gameplay. When it comes to Gloo walls, you don’t need to worry because using gloo walls is not a difficult task.  

B) Rotate and practice ADS  

Whereas shooting at foes is a real choice, efficiency will deteriorate as distances increase, and a majority of firepower will squander. Free Fire MAX, unlike some other gameplay, doesn’t punish gamers that wish to run and gun in hip unlimited ammo. It is a simple technique to perfect your gameplay, but with a little effort, anyone can achieve the aim. Like shooting, which requires a great deal of training, knowing the way to rotate only requires players to be problem solvers.  

C) Be cautious  

A goal of the game isn’t to earn the most quantity of knockouts, but to wait until the end alive. Playing Free Fire MAX conservatively as a solitary newbie gamer is the greatest strategy to win more games. While playing your game, try to focus on the foes when you are in the open ground. Shooting on the foes in the open ground allows you to aim the shot easily. Apart from this, you will need to take care of the foes while landing on the drop spots also.

D) Try to keep your HP and EP at their maximum levels  

Having Ethical Power in all situations on the battlefield of Free Fire MAX can aid gamers in recovering nicely their Health Points. It is an excellent way for Free Fire MAX players to save medkits and heal themselves without worrying about it. Free Fire MAX Players must aim to keep their Health Points and Ethical Power full in all Battlefield situations in Free Fire MAX to win more matches. In-game, medkits are plentiful, therefore healing should be a high concern.  

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Sunny Ghuman
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