Raistar Vs Gyan Sujan Who is the Best Players in Free Fire?

If we’re talking about the best content creators, Raistar and Gyan Sujan will be the first names that come to mind. Do you have any idea why? It’s because they’re the best players in Free Fire, and they’re well-known for their incredible gaming abilities. They excelled in every match, whether they were competing as a team or individually. In every match, they always gave their 100%.

Almost every Free Fire player has seen all of these two’s matches. You are a witness who knows these players’ incredible strategies. They don’t imitate other people’s games; instead, they let others copy them. and that’s what made them popular and the best players in Free Fire.

best players in free fire

Gyan Sujan and Raistar in Free Fire are unquestionably great players. These players already provided amazing content, resulting in many YouTubers gaining a large number of followers and subscribers. They have amassed an inordinate number of fans due to their best abilities in recent years. They now have 3.3 million and 8.05 million followers on Twitter and Instagram, respectively. So, without further ado, let’s compare these two Free Fire stars to see who comes out on top.

Comparison between Raistar and Gyan Sujan

Raistar’s game statistics
You must have Raistar’s Free Fire ID, which is 12022250. His K/D ratio is excellent. He had played in 15424 squad games, winning 2654 of them. It equates to a 17.20 percent win rate. He also had a K/D ratio of 4.02 with 51327 kills.

Raistar has consistently good solo and duo strategies. He Raistar is known as India’s quickest player in Free Firing, which may be due to his lightning-fast movement speed and fire abilities.  is the owner of his own YouTube channel, which has over 3 million subscribers.

Gyan Sujan’s game statistics

Gyan Sujan participated in 17438 squad games, winning 6309. It equates to a 36.17 percent win rate. In the matches, he had 59958 kills with a K/D ratio of 5.39.

Gyan Sujan is a well-known Free Fire player, a well-known content creator, and a live Streamer. He also has a YouTube channel where he regularly uploaded his videos & he named his YouTube channel “Gyan gaming”. Additionally, his YouTube channel currently has a total of 9 million subscribers. He is continuously active on his YouTube page to ensure that his fans are not upset.

Who is The Best Player?

It’s impossible to make a comparison between these two Free fire stars. They’re both extremely popular, and they’ve won the hearts of many Free Fire gamers as well. They both have a high K/D ratio, indicating that they have smart strategies. 

When comparing Gyan Sujan with Raistar, the K/D ratio and winning percentages reveal that Gyan Sujan has a better K/D ratio and winning rate. That is, we found out in today’s blog that Gyan Sujan is the winner and the best player in free fire and has superior metrics than Raistar. 

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