PUBG vs Free Fire, which is the best? If you have the same question in your heart that PUBG Vs Free Fire is a great game. So you have come to the right article because in this article we will tell you in detail which of the free fire PUBG games is the best. So friends, if you want to know everything, then stay with me in this article. If you have doubt in your heart that PUBG vs free fire, which is better?

So nowadays my article will help you a lot. Let us know some information about these two. PUBG is one such battle royal game. Where you can stay alive with the help of your survival skills + fighting skills. You will also have to kill other bands, and the same procedure is for the free fire game as well. Both these games are battle royal games. And these two games are trending these days.

In our last article we told you Best Free Fire Guild Names30 Best Pet Namesbest nicknames for free fire. And as soon as I published those articles. So at the same time I started getting visitors. And then I started getting many such comments. Please tell us which game is the best game, PUBG or free fire. At the same time, I thought that I should write the next content on PUBG vs free fire (free fire PUBG).

So friends, if you want to know what is the difference between PUBG and free fire or whether PUBG is good or free fire. So you have to read this article of ours till the bottom. After that, you will be able to know about the difference between free fire and PUBG. After reading this article of mine, I sincerely hope that you will get complete information about free fire is best or PUBG, PUBG vs free fire.

PUBG vs Free Fire, Which is best?

There is not much difference between Free Fire and PUBG game. Both these popular games are considered to be one of the top games in modern times. Friend’s PUBG game is made by Tencent Games and Krafton. 

Whereas the Free Fire game made by Garena. And both these games are available for PC and Mobile. If we talk about PC, then both the games run easily. And both the games have established their own status.

But still there are many such things. Which is a big difference between these two games. And I will tell the same difference today, that too with the conclusion. So friends if you want to know the difference between PUBG and free fire. Or if you want to know that PUBG vs Free Fire then stay with me in this article. 

Lets friends without wasting much time, PUBG vs free fire which is better? Let us know in detail about what is the difference between PUBG and Free Fire game.

If you want to understand all this with the help of YouTube. So I have given a video below. You can easily watch that video by playing it. There it is also explained very well. And I hope that all your doubts will also be cleared. For more information, you can also read my complete article. Let’s know without any problem, PUBG vs free download.

1. PUBG vs Free Android

Although both these games are made for PC and Mobile. But both these games do not see much difference on PC. But if we talk about Android, then PUBG and Free Fire game. Both show a huge difference. If you have a mobile phone with 2 GB RAM. And there is a mobile phone with 16 GB ROM. So you can’t say that easily, but you can play PUBG on it.

And if you want to play PUBG game in the best way. So you need a mobile phone with more RAM. But Free Fire game is one such game. Which you can easily play on a phone with less RAM and ROM. Friends, there is a big difference. That’s why if you want to play PUBG game then. By spending more money, you will have to get a good phone.

But it is not at all like PUBG mobile, only you can play on an expensive mobile phone. Friends Tencent Games has brought PUBG lite game for itself. Which you can easily play on your small Android phone easily. That’s why friends, if you want to know about PUBG lite vs free fire. So I have completely cleared your doubts in this point.

2. Free Fire vs PUBG Skins

If we talk about skins, then you will get to see a lot of great skins in PUBG game. But you will not get to see great skins in the free fire game. In PUBG game you will get to see Pistols, Guns, Shot Guns, Sniper Guns, AR Guns, Vehicles skins, Bikes skins, Airplane’s skins. And when you jump down from the ship, you will get to see many types of skins there too.

But nothing like this will be seen in the Free Fire game. You will not get to see any skin. Because of all these reasons, PUBG game is a game with such a big memory. Because the more things you get, the more games you will get with the same ROM. This is a very big difference between PUBG and Free Fire games. If you want to know about PUBG vs free, then this difference will be very useful for you.

3. PUBG vs Free Fire Graphics

If we talk about graphics, then both the games have amazing graphics. And in terms of graphics, both the games are absolutely the best. But here I would say more PUBG games as the best. Because if you start playing Free Fire game. So you will get to see many frame drops. Although frame drops are also in PUBG. But not as many as there are in Free Fire.

But friends, it is not like that at all. You will definitely see frame drops. This happens only in very rare cases. And I am not advocating for free fire here. Overall, if we talk about graphics, both the games are absolutely great. But still, if you want to download PUBG wallpaper or free fire photosPUBG vs free fire photo. So you can read all these easily, and you will be able to download photos, videos in HD at once.

However, if we talk about now, good graphics are coming in Free Fire too. But if we compare it with PUBG game, then it is still not good.

4. PUBG vs Free Fire Vehicles Availability

In both the games, we will get to see many vehicles. But if you want to see more vehicles, then. You will get all that in PUBG mobile only. If we talk about free fire, then only and only cars will be seen there. But in PUBG you will get to see cars, Viaz, Dacia, Buggies, Motorcycles, ships.

Now, it is not that Free Fire is such a game. I already told you that you will get free fire in 500 MB. But you will not get PUBG in less than 2 GB. According to him, Free Fire is the best, but if you have a bigger phone. Then PUBG will prove to be good for you. And I give you this guarantee with your eyes closed.

PUBG and free fire which are great

Personally, if you ask me this, I will tell you only this. If you have work RAM and ROM, mobile phone. So you should download and install Free Fire only. Because it will run like better in your mobile phone. And you will also have a lot of fun playing. And I give you 100% Guaranty about this.

But if you have a mobile phone with more than two GB. So you should download and install PUBG. And on that mobile phone, PUBG will run smoothly. Which will benefit you that you will have a lot of fun playing PUBG. And you will kill a fellow like a pro. Come on friends, all the best to you.

Friends, this was our article today PUBG vs free fire and if you have read this article completely. So to you, what is the difference between PUBG and free fire? You must have got complete information about it but still if you have any question. So you can ask that question by commenting about PUBG vs free fire.



Friends, if you have a small phone in which RAM is less. 
So you can play free fire but if you have bigger phone then you go for PUBG.

Is PUBG best or free fire?

Friends, both are great games, but if I tell you, PUBG is very good for me in comparison to free fire. 
Let us now know about the PUBG enhanced free fire in detail.

Who is No 1 PUBG or Free Fire?

If I talk about now, a lot of people also play Free Fire. 
But PUBG or BGMI is also played a lot. 
But if I talk about the data of 2022, then PUBG is number one.


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