How Do I Pre-order Elite Pass Season 47 in Free Fire MAX?  

Every single Free Fire Max season brings with it a brand-new Elite Pass. Players can use this pass to obtain interesting goodies based on how many badges they have. The new season, Season 47, will begin on April 1, 2022. 

Elite Pass Season 47

Season 47 of Free Fire Max Elite Pass Release date and cost: Each month, Free Fire and Free Fire Max release a new Elite Pass to coincide with the start of a new season. Each Elite Pass has a distinct theme to it, and it provides gamers with fascinating in-game stuff based on that theme. 

Season 46 of Free Fire and Fire Max is now in progress, and also it will conclude on March 31, 2022. Players who pre-order Free Fire Max Elite Pass Season 47 will receive free prizes. 

Badges, on the other hand, must be purchased individually or earned by gamers performing daily assignments. Players will not automatically receive prizes if they purchase the Elite Pass. 

Season 46 of Free Fire MAX will come to an end today, March 31, 2022. As a result, players are anticipating the upcoming Season 47 Elite Pass. The theme for this season is Scrolls of Azure, and also those who purchase the Elite Bundle will receive two bundles. 

Season 47 of Elite Pass is now available for pre-order in Free Fire MAX 

On March 29, 2022, players were given the option to pre-order the Elite Pass Season 47. They have till today to take advantage of the opportunity. Free Fire MAX is also giving out an exclusive pre-order reward: the Sheer Hat, to encourage gamers to pre-order the pass. 

Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and also tap the Fire Pass symbol on the left side of the screen. 

Step 2: They’ll be taken to the Elite Pass screen, where they’ll need to touch on 999 diamonds. 

Step 3: Finally, players must pay the required fees. 

Official remuneration and rumored remuneration 

Only three rewards have officially shown in Free Fire MAX thus far (including the pre-order one). The primary costume bundles are the other two rewards: 

Inktail Duchess Bundle 

Brushtail Duke Bundle 

Here are a few other leaked incentives that may or may not be distributed tomorrow, according to internet data miners: 

80 badges – M60 – Porcelain Rush 

100 badges – Bamboo Scroll 

115 badges – Ink of the Past banner 

125 badges – P90 – Porcelain Rush 

150 badges – Scenic Pond Loot Box 

195 badges – Lotus Throne Backpack 

0 badges – Jeep – Sky Legend 

10 badges – Azure Myth avatar 

15 badges – Faraway Fog Jacket 

30 badges – Azure Myth banner 

40 badges – Ink of the Past avatar 

The Different Types of Elite Passes 

The Elite Pass comes in two flavors, as usual: Elite Bundle and also Elite Pass. Only the Elite Bundle is available for pre-order. While the Elite Pass costs 499 diamonds, the Bundle requires 999 gems to purchase. Players interested in getting the Elite Pass (499 diamonds) in Free Fire MAX should hold off until tomorrow. Pre-ordering the Elite Bundle today, however, will benefit players who guarantee to purchase it. 

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