Nikita Character in Free Fire

The OB27 has released in June and at that time this update came with many characters in which some of the characters are considered weak. Nikita’s character is the one that is considered a weak character of free fire and now it is no longer in use by the free fire players. 

Nikita Character in Free Fire

This Nikita character in free fire is on the list of those weak characters. Before this character get their status back let’s, you will also know why this character is considered weak? Read the whole blog to get the details of this character. 

The ability of Nikita Character

The Garena Free Fire has launched this character with the special ability which is called “Firearms Expert”. Through this character, the free-fire player will be able to reload the submachine guns even faster. If you are finding this character useful then let me tell you that the ability of this character is limited to one weapon only in the game. 

This in-game character can only be used for submachine guns. You can use it for other work. The developers have made this character with one ability and nothing more than that. At the base level of the game, Nikita Character in free fire can reload the submachine guns by 4 percent. At the maximum level of the game, this character can reload the gun faster by 24 percent.

If you want to buy this character then you will need to pay for a total of 2000 gold coins or if you have diamonds then you need to pay 199 diamonds. You can use this character for aggressive gameplay in the free fire. 

Steps to Purchase Character in free fire

Step-1 Open the free fire application then go to the in-game store. 

Step-2 click on the character option then selects the character that you want to choose.

Step-3 Now click on the purchase button. 

Step-4 confirms to purchase then you need to complete the payment process. After doing all these, you will be able to use the character. 

Now, Garena has updated several types of skins for submachine guns that can improve the quality and boost the power of the guns. This gun has another thing to boost by which the free fire player can reload faster than before. Now Garena Free Fire players are choosing skins instead of Nikita characters because they are getting more abilities along with faster reloading speed. 


Submachine guns play a major role as in-game characters of free fire. This gun has an amazing ability that’s why players love using this. With the combination of skin, the work ability of this gun is boosted by more. As like free fire, if you are landing in the battle royale game then you can choose this gun to defend yourself on the battleground. 

The vector of submachine guns was modified when the OB27 update has launched. If you are a beginner then you can use Nikita Character in free fire to start improvement in your skills. You should have try this in-game character if you have never tried this character yet so that you can know the way to use all kinds of characters in the free fire.

Sunny Ghuman
Sunny Ghuman
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