Top Hackers in Free Fire in India   

We all know that the banning of PUBG gave a new height to the Garena Free Fire game. After the banning of PUBG from the Indian Server, this game has now reached its peak on so many servers whether it is Indian or across the oceans. Want to know about the top Free Fire Hackers of India? Check out the list below that will give you a list of top players.

Free Fire Hackers

When the Indian Government Banned this application, a large portion of Indian players switched their gameplay to Free Fire which is also a battle royale title along with many similarities to PUBG game. PUBG game collected the fame by high and amazing graphics. When it comes to Free Fire Game, this game is still grabbing many players with its amazing features and in-game items.   

Apart from this, the hackers also have to switch their gameplay to Free Fire due to the absence of PUBG from the Google Play Store. Now, the hackers are exploring this world and using their tricks to stay at the position of top players of Garena Free Fire. Are you a beginner and have a desire to become a hacker of free fire? If yes! Then you need to know about the top hackers that are popular nowadays over the internet world. In this blog, am going to let you know the Top 2 names of Free Fire Hackers that are in the rank of Top Hackers.   

List of Top Free Fire Hackers  

In top players, so many players tried their luck to be the best hacker of Free Fire but they got unable to stick on the list. From the list of Top Free Fire Hackers, I have filtered out the Top 2 Hackers in Free Fire you should know about.   

1- Biraj  

You probably got tired of searching for the best hacker of free fire on the browsing application. When you search on the internet about one topic then it will show you multiple results with several attached several pages. If you are still unable to find the solution then you are at the right place. On the first position of the list, I have mentioned the name “Biraj”. Biraj is 12 years old boy. Not only in India but he is famous in the whole gaming world. According to the sources, Biraj is the biggest hacker of free fire even in the whole world.   

If you want to see his tricks and hacks then you can search for his live streaming videos that are easily available over the internet. From his live streaming videos, you can also be able to learn some tricks that will be going to help you in your matches on the battlefield of Garena Free Fire. On his one video, he got more than 4 million views yet which is so much and hard to gain for any player.   

2- PSteam Mod  

PSteam Mod is another name that is vying for the title of “Biggest Hacker in Free Fire in Indian Server. PSteam Mod is an Indian Player but has so many fans even from across the oceans. He has uploaded so many videos of Live streaming on free fire over the internet. If you want to watch his videos then you can visit his YouTube channel which is available with the name “2STATE GAMERS”. In one of his videos, you will get to see his biggest killing score ever with 46 kills even in one minute. 

More details about the Free Fire upgrade

A new update for Free Fire has been released. It has sparked a lot of interest among gamers, and they may now download it to their devices. Users can also look into the game’s enhancements.


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