Characters with the Best Passive Skills in Free Fire Max   

Hey guys, welcome to another blog for your solution. There are two kinds of ff max characters which are active and Best Passive Skills characters which means their functions to perform on the battlefield are different from each other. You may confuse in comparing the active ability character to the passive characters. Let me tell you that passive characters in ff max are considered the most powerful in comparison to the active characters for the battlefield. Through this informational blog, you will be able to get the list of top passive ability characters in ff max that can help you in surviving till the last of the match.   

Best Passive Skills

Many characters in free fire max have unique abilities that can help you in facing different situations on the battlefield. All the characters are amazing undoubtedly but you need to be a master of them if you want to use them for protecting yourself from the foes. Reaching a higher level in the game is the most important thing because it helps you in making your place on the list of pro players. If you want to be one of the pro players of free fire max then you should check out the list of characters that I have mentioned below along with their passive abilities.   

List of Passive Ability Characters in FF Max  

1- Maro  

I have already discussed so many things about this ff max character in my latest previous blogs. If you are new in my blogging world then you can check out my previous posts in which you will get to know about so many characters of free fire max. The ability of Maro’s character is “Falcon Fervor” which is passive. This character of free fire max got inspired by the real-life personality of the popular falconer. With this passive ability, the players will be able to boost the maximum damage by 5 percent which is enough to keep a safe distance from the foes.   

2- Moco  

Moco is the other passive ability character and the ability of this passive character is “Hacker’s Eye”. This character is the amazing hacker by the fellow free-fire max players. With the ability of this popular character, the players will be able to spot the location of enemies from a large distance which can help in protecting the whole team of the player.   

3- Dasha  

Dasha is a female character in free fire max who has the amazing passive ability “Partying On”. As you can read the name of the ability which sounds so cool, you will be happy to see the look of this character which is also very cool. With the ability of the free-fire max character, the players can handle the damage taken by the opponents easily. This character will help you in reducing the level of damage by 30 percent.   

4- Luqueta  

Luqueta is a passive character in free fire max who has the “Hat Trick” ability. As you all know that health points which are also known as HP plays an important part. With this ability, the players will be able to increase their health points by 10 percent.   

5- Jota  

“Sustained Raids” is the ability of the character which is passive and enough to help the players in surviving for a long time on the battlefield. You can use this ability for aggressive gameplay

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