Free Fire MAX characters like Chrono   

Characters in free fire max are amazing and attractive things that can attract any player easily. To use the characters in free fire max, you need to have the required number of diamonds or gold coins in your gaming account. The purchasing method is very simple but you just need to have a good balance. For example; if you want to purchase the Chrono character in free fire max then you must have 599 diamonds in your account then only you will be able to purchase it. We all know that 599 diamonds are not the easy thing to obtain that’s why I have prepared this blog in which you will be able to get other characters of free fire max that work like Chrono.   

Characters like Chrono

If you don’t have sufficient balance and you are unable to purchase the Chrono character in ff max then you can check out the characters that I have mentioned below. The mentioned characters are easy to buy and you can easily be able to afford the required number of diamonds for those characters. Obtaining the ff max diamonds is very simple, you just need to check out third-party websites which are easily available over the internet.   

You will need to complete the surveys and tasks given by those third-party websites then after completing the provided tasks, the number of winning diamonds will directly be transferred into your gaming account. Without wasting much time, check out the list of FF Max characters like Chrono.   

List of Top Characters like Chrono in FF Max  

1- Dimitri  

Dimitri is in the first position in our list of top characters like Chrono. This character got the “Healing Heartbeat” ability which has the power to build the healing cover that can protect you and your teammates from foes by a large distance. You will also be able to restore the required number of health points that can help you in your further journey.   

2- Clu  

The second character like Chrono in our list is Clu who has “Tracing Steps” in-game ability. You will be a wonder to know that you can spot the location of the enemy even from a distance of 70 meters away from you. Players will need to have 499 Diamonds if you want to purchase this character. You can use the passive playstyle even on the Clash Squads also.   

3- K  

K can be your favorite character and can be on the list of your priority because this character can be used in many situations on the battlefield. You can use the ability of K as playing solo or with the squad. If you got so much HP level but you need to increase the HP and you don’t have any method or any then what will you do? You don’t need to worry because, through this character, you can easily be able to convert your EP into Health Points that will help you in moving forward in your gaming journey. The ability of K is the “Master of All” ability.  


The ability of the ff Max Skyler character is “Riptide Rhythm” which is very similar to Chrono’s character. Through this ability, the ff max player will be able to produce a sonic wave that can break the gloo wall easily.   

5- Wukong  

By the ability of the Wukong character, you will be able to turn yourself into the bush. Turning into a bush will make you invisible and then you will be able to attack the foes easily.   

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