PUBG New State VS Call of Duty Mobile VS Free Fire MAX  

There are more than 3 popular battle royale titles that have many similar features and some additional also. Comparing all the popular titles can be a little tough task but comparing the most played titles is not that much difficult. In this blog, I have filtered out the 3 Best Android Games that collected a huge fanbase and won so many hearts of players around the world. The battle royale titles are providing us so much like a huge island, amazing weapons, incredible characters with incredible abilities, and much more.  

Best Android Games

You have played PUBG New State which is the Indian version. Players also must have played Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire Max. Have you ever compared these 3 titles by their features? If not then stay tuned with me right here because we will be going to discuss all the amazing features of these popular titles and then you will be able to see the conclusion at the end of today’s blog. To be updated, check out the given details below.   

Similarities between PUBG New State vs Call of Duty vs FF Max  

These popular 3 battle royale titles are supported with pre-register feature and they are offering free fire max players so many rewards by the events and tournaments. These 3 titles are working in India currently and collecting a huge fanbase. After the Banning of the PUBG royale title over the Indian server, 90 percent of players switched themselves on these games. Even players started making videos of their gameplay and uploading them over YouTube. Players can also go for live streaming in these popular battle royale titles.   

The Gameplay of These Popular Battle Royale Titles  

At the beginning of the matches, the players will get the landing spot as Island in which they will get so many foes around them. On the Hot Drops or other landing spots, players will need to fight against a limited number of foes. Before landing on the island, players have an opportunity to choose the weapons and characters according to their choices. Choosing the character combination is only available in Free fire max which means other popular battle royale titles are lacking this feature, unfortunately. When it comes to amazing characters to play with on the battlefield, you will get a great collection of characters in Free Fire MAX only in comparison to other battle royale titles.   

Devices to play These Battle Royale Titles  

PUBG New State game is a battle royale title and can play on Mobile phones only. You can play this game on Android devices and also on Apple iOS devices. When it comes to Call of Duty, this battle royale title is also can play on mobile devices. At last, when we talk about the Free Fire MAX game so you can play it on Android phones, Apple iOS Devices and you will wonder to know that, now you can play this game on your PC also.  

To play Free fire max on PC, the players will need to download the emulator first. Through the emulator, you will need to purchase the game by exchanging the required amount of penny then you will be able to launch your desirable game on your PC.  


We have compared 3 popular battle royale titles and we found that these given battle royale titles have so many similarities. At the ending part of this blog, we also got some features that are available in Free Fire MAX and lacking in other games. As Free fire max has some additional features so that means Free fire max is more amazing than other PUBG New State and Call of Duty games. 

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