Which is the Best Mobile Game Amongst PUBG New States VS Free Fire MAX?  

Hey guys, hope you all are doing good. We all know about Free Fire MAX and also PUBG New State so well. 80 percent of us must have played these battle royale titles so many times. Many things are very similar and some of the features are a little different. There are many beginners also who don’t know anything about these Best Mobile Games battle royale titles so that means this blog will going to be very informative for them. Do you know when these battle royale titles released? Actually, these battle royale titles got released in 2021 and from that time this time, these titles collected a big fanbase.  

Best Mobile Games

Both games have battle royale titles and both got released in 2021. These are similarities but do you know the similarities in features? Till the end of this blog, you will be able to compare both the games, and then you can find out the one. Everything distinguishes the two games: setting, gameplay, overall vibe, and graphics. It’s not easy to figure out which one is superior. Without wasting much time, let’s start the comparison between these royale titles.  

PUBG New State & Free Fire MAX Map Size 

PUBG New State includes all of the other maps included in the standard PUBG game. The terrain has a very realistic appearance and stands out in the sea of battle royale titles. The much more straight a battleground is, the less likely gamers are to enjoy it. A large map is one of the most anticipated features among players. This allows people to further roam the area and give it a more industrial feel. 

The Big Differences Between PUBG New State and Free Fire MAX 

Free Fire MAX is a game that will appeal to folks who enjoy animated and energetic games. The game’s graphics are colorful, which is a positive thing. Not only does it seem futuristic, but it also has a futuristic vibe about it. The general palette isn’t very vibrant. It is, nonetheless, beautiful and lifelike. PUBG New State seems to be quite technological & genuine. 

It allows users to immerse themselves in the game’s futuristic atmosphere. Players can also use additional gadgets such as drones and shields. Furthermore, because there are so many various things to do in the game, gamers will not become bored easily. 

Many gamers are drawn to Free Fire because of its simplicity. You do not have access to a sophisticated or technologically advanced arsenal. It might discourage some gamers. 

Mechanics of the Game 

Absolutely, the developers do buff, nerf, and adjust the balance as needed. It doesn’t change the fact that the game has a pay-to-win element to it. If you just have a powerful character throughout the gameplay of Free Fire MAX, your odds of victory are extremely high. These characters are the game’s lifeblood, and you’ll have to pay for most of the time. If you enjoy Free Fire MAX that is the way to go if you prefer more creative, energetic and illustrated games. PUBG New State battle royale title has a realistic appearance and feel. 

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