Which Free Fire Max character is better for beginners: Skyler or D-Bee?  

Winning in Free Fire MAX’s Clash Mode is not insurmountable. However, as the competition becomes more intense, the chances of winning decrease dramatically. Characters like Skyler and D-Bee play a role in this. 

Skyler vs D-Bee

Their skills are strong, and when employed appropriately, they can give players an advantage in battle. They will be able to easily win rounds as a result of this. Only one of them, though, is the best. Continue reading to find out who it is. 

Skyler and D-Bee in Free Fire MAX: Abilities and Combat Applications 


When it comes to characters in Free Fire who are extremely powerful, Skyler easily tops the list. Riptide Rhythm, his ability, allowing him to tear down gloo walls with ease. When activated, it generates a sonic wave that can travel up to 50 meters and destroy up to five gloo walls in its path. 

In Free Fire MAX, Skyler is a formidable attack character. Despite the fact that he can’t do more direct damage, his ability, Riptide Rhythm, allows him to easily shatter gloo walls. 

A sonic wave flows forward when activated, destroying up to five gloo walls in its route. The ability’s secondary perk allows the user to heal by erecting a gloo wall. This can be utilized at any time during the game. The cooldown for the primary ability takes 40 seconds to complete once it has been utilized. 

Skyler’s job in combat is to demolish the opponent’s defenses so that his comrades may easily press the attack. Given the short cooldown time, that ability is likely to be utilized twice in a single round. 


D-Bee is without a doubt one of Free Fireplace’s best newcomer characters. Bullet Beats, his method, grants gamers some bizarre but useful benefits. The character’s motion pace and accuracy are increased by 5% and 20%, respectively when firing while changing. There is no cooldown time associated with this power. 

D-Bee has a one-of-a-kind talent that is ideal for beginners. Bullet Beats is the name of the game, and it’s great for gamers that prefer hip-fire mode. When firing and moving at the same time, the ability gives the user a 15% agility boost and a 45 percent accuracy boost. 

Players can press the assault and push the enemy during the match once these perks are available. They can easily flank their opponents or maneuver into a superior position with improved speed. 

D-best Bee’s usage in combat is to confuse opponents so that teammates can attack with ease. The movement benefit can even be used to circle around the enemy team and attack from behind by a competent player. This greatly increases the chances of winning the round. 

The Conclusion 

D-Bee is an excellent character to utilize in the Clash Squad mode of Free Fire MAX. This skill, however, is primitive in nature and extremely limited in battle settings. 

Skyler’s Riptide Rhythm, on the other hand, has a more practical application in that it allows the user and the team to go over the opponent’s defenses. Combat becomes easier as a result, and the team can put pressure on the opponent from the outset of the conflict. 

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