if you want to play free fire and use gloo wall like a pro player. you have to read the full article. we have shared the best trick and tips for getting a pro player.

Gloo Walls are one of the useful items that are incredibly important in Free Fire and FF Max. Essentially, deploying these barriers can give players immediate cover and help them protect themselves from enemy fire.

If gamers want to move up the ranks and become better at the game, they must learn to use Gloo Wall like the pros. They can follow various tips and tricks to increase their overall ability and improve their skills in Free Fire and FF Max.

Gloo Wall Guide: Using Them at Advanced Levels in Free Fire and FF MAX (OB35 Update)

Characters and pets

The effect of Gloo Wall depends on the characters and pets the user is using. For example, they can use the Beeston to increase the throwing distance of these objects, while Robo provides an additional shield to the walls.

Speaking of characters, Skyler is the best choice with regard to the role of the attacker. It can provide HP by applying a gloo wall while opening the opponent’s cover, leaving them in a precarious position.

Right time of use

Placement will be one of the most important factors in using this utility item like the experts. Players need to do the necessary tasks to perfect their timing to get the most out of the Gloo Wall installed in Free Fire and FF Max.

If they completely fail the deployment time, their opponents will have an easier time knocking them out and will be able to score a free kill.

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Placement will make a big difference

Placement is also an important thing to take care of. In addition to getting accurate timing, users should ensure that they employ gloo walls in the proper areas. For example, placing this utility item away from the character can harm players, while using it at the wrong angle will not result in optimal trajectory.

As a result, they must guarantee that the gloo walls are placed right next to the character and in the correct direction.

360° trick

There are tons of unique and special gloo wall tricks on the internet, and users can master them for further profit. The 360° trick is one of the most popular options within the community and involves circling the character from all directions.

By performing this special trick, gamers will be protected and will be able to perform healing, reloading, and other activities. However, opponents with grenades can get into serious trouble.

Revival and Support Team

The survival of the entire team is essential when competing in matches featuring teams. As a result, players need to become proficient at using the Gloo Wall in Free Fire and FF Max to the advantage of their respective teams.

Whenever a teammate goes down, they must be quick to create cover around them using gloo walls and revive them and bring them back into the game. This will increase their overall chances of winning the match.

Disclaimer: Free Fire is banned in India, and users in the country should avoid playing the game. They can play FF ​​MAX because it wasn’t suspended.



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