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The Factory Challenge is one of the most well-known community-created game modes played in custom rooms. Several content creators and streamers have also popularized it in the Indian community.

What is Factory Challenge, and how to set it up in Free Fire MAX?

The Factory Challenge is a custom room mode in Free Fire MAX, where gamers land atop the Factory, a popular location on the Bermuda map. They subsequently engage in fist combat for survival.

Once the zone builds up or only a few players survive, the battle ensues in other locations, often with different firearms. Since this is a custom room match, users often determine the rules before the game starts, which vary considerably.

Steps to create Factory Challenge in Free Fire MAX

Gamers can follow the instructions in the following section to set up the Factory Challenge:

Open the mode selection menu (Image via Garena)
Step 1: First, they should open the mode selection menu in Free Fire MAX by clicking the button on the right side.

Click on the custom button (Image via Garena)

Step 2: Next, users must click the custom button and hit the create button to open the new interface.

Select the details as per preference (Image via Garena)

Step 3: Gamers can enter their room name and password if required and select the game mode as Battle Royale. They have to also select the map as Bermuda and team mode as per the requirement.

Readers may also select the number of participating players and spectators.

Step 4: They can select options like jump height, movement speed, HP, and more through the game tab. Individuals may also select pre-set modes.

Confirm the selection to create the mode (Image via Garena)

Step 5: Finally, players must press the confirm button and reaffirm their selection to create a room. They can invite their friends to play the game then.

To create a room, readers will need a custom room card. They have the option of spending 100 diamonds to purchase one of these from the store or wait for an event to win one for free.

Tips to win custom room games in Free Fire MAX

Kla is important to win more matches (Image via Garena)

Since most of the combat takes place with a fist in this mode, using Kla is essential. His ability, Muay Thai, is indispensable in these custom room matches, as users can knock down opponents with a few hits.

On top of that, they will need healing abilities like Alok’s to survive longer without using medkits. K’s Master of All can also prove to be a good option.

Coming to pets, gamers can use Rockie to reduce the cooldown of active skills and other options like Detective Panda to get back HP.

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