If you searching about How to get free elite pass in Free Fire game. so you have search best post. we will be share best source for get free elite pass in you game.

The Elite Pass is one of the most coveted items within Free Fire and its Max version. It enables players to get their hands on many prizes like costumes, skins, etc.

Every month, the developers bring a new season for the pass, with fresh and exciting items available to the community. However, users will have to purchase the paid version of the Elite Pass in order to receive the premium rewards.

Not everyone has the financial means to buy diamonds and get the Elite Pass in Free Fire. As a result, there is a widespread search for ways to get currency for free in order to get the pass.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and Indian players should avoid playing Battle Royale titles. They can play FF ​​MAX because it wasn’t suspended.

Free Fire and FF Max: How to Get the Free Elite Pass (July 2022)

Listed below are some free ways to get diamonds and then buy Elite Pass in Free Fire and FF Max:

1. Redeem Code

free fire redeem code

Redeem codes have proven to be one of the most effective ways to get free items within Free Fire and FF Max. They offer a range of rewards and can be easily redeemed through the use of the Rewards Redemption site.

Sometimes, these codes can provide users with diamonds. As a result, individuals are advised to be aware of all redeem codes issued for their servers.

2. Booyah

booyah app

Garena’s Booyah application is another good option for users to try out, and it includes several programs with tons of rewards. Players can find items like gift cards and even diamonds in some of them.

As a result, gamers can download the app and keep participating in various events. Notably, they have to link their in-game accounts to the app.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a worldwide well-known application that allows individuals to earn Google Play credits for completing short and straightforward surveys. They have to answer various questions which are provided to them.

When users have accumulated a sufficient number of credits, they can proceed to purchase diamonds in Free Fire and FF Max. They can also save credits for receiving special airdrops and subscriptions.

Steps to Buy Elite Pass

Step 1: Users should boot Free Fire or its MAX version on their devices. Once the game opens, they need to tap on the ‘Elite Pass’ icon on the left.

Step 2: In the next step, individuals have to click on the ‘Upgrade’ option. Two paid versions of the Elite Pass will appear on their screens.

Step 3: The desired option can be selected by the players, and they can complete the payment by spending the respective number of diamonds.

Afterwards, they can complete missions and receive badges to receive various rewards in the Elite Pass.



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