Check Out: Gyan Sujan Free Fire ID, Stats, YouTube Rank, Monthly Income!

Many free fire players owned the fame and money by playing free fire games and uploading them into the YouTube channel. Among those famous content creators. We have Gyan Sujan in today’s blog.  

This well-known content creator not only provides stuff, but also sets an incredible example for the next generation. This free fire player is from the Indian server, and his real name is Sujan Mistri, but in the free fire realm, he is known as Gyan Sujan.

Gyan gaming monthly income

For the past few years, he is running his own YouTube channel with the name of Gyan gaming. He got a total number of 13.4 million subscribers on his channel and 1.89 views that he attracted by his amazing gaming content. If you are curious to know about Gyan gaming monthly income or more details then read below.

Gyan Sujan Free Fire ID and Guild ID 

The free fire ID of Gyna Sujan is- 70393167. Along with this, he is also a part of a guild in which his ID is-61721403. 

Lifetime Stats of Gyan Sujan in Free fire 

Gyan Sujan has competed in and completed 19138 squad matches, winning 6832 of them, giving him a win rate of 35.69 percent. By earning the kills number of 68787, he increased the kills to death ratio to 5.59.
He also competed in 2235 duo matches, winning 510 of them, resulting with a win rate of 22.81 percent. By reaching the kills number of 6107, he increased the kills to death ratio to 3.54 percent.

He participated and completed in the 1441 solo games in which he got the victory by 159 that converted the win percentage to 11.03 percent. He set the kills to death ratio to 1.84 by getting the kills’ number of 2363. 

Ranked stats of Gyan Sujan 

In season 25 of BR ranked, Gyan Sujan has not participated in all three modes of the game.  

CS Career of Gyan Sujan 

This free fire player has participated and completed in the 1173 clash squad modes and got the victory by 593 converting the win percentage to 50.55 percent. He set the kills to death ratio to 1.27 by getting the kill number of 5721. 

Monthly income of Gyan Sujan 

According to the social media sites, the Gyan gaming monthly income lies in the range of $10.4k to $166.6k. 

YouTube channel 

For the past few years, Gyan Sujan is running his own YouTube channel by Gyan gaming name. On this channel, he uploaded all his previous and recent gaming videos. On his YouTube channel, you will be able to see all the videos related to the Garena Free fire royale battle.  

This is all the information about Gyan Sujan that you can know. If you want to see his strategic videos of him then you can visit his YouTube channel in which he has uploaded all his previous and recent videos. If you are a beginner then you should see his videos so that you can work on your gaming skills.  

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