What are the best character abilities in Free Fire MAX and how to use them wisely  

Characters are the most important aspect in Free Fire MAX to face the opponent easily. Most of the time, players get confused in choosing the worthy character for the battlefield. All the free fire MAX characters have strong abilities that are different and unique from each other. Try to choose the character of Free Fire MAX by their ability according to the situation of the battlefield. The uses of characters in combat differ greatly from each other.   

Characters in Free Fire MAX

Before using any character, players need to understand the abilities first then only they can be able to use the ability amazingly against the opponents. Securing the Booyah can be second nature for you if you will learn the way to use the Free Fire MAX characters.   

Learn to use These Characters to Play Best in Combat  

1- Wolfrahh  

Wolfrahh is one of the best characters of Free Fire MAX that players can use to perform best in aggressive combat. This character is supported with the “Limelight” ability that will allow the players to improve the damage reduction and also players will be able to increase the damage outputs. During the match, the free fire MAX player will slowly become powerful and the ability will assist the last of the combat. At the maximum level of combat, the damage done by headshots will decrease by 30 percent. The damage done by the opponent will be increased by 20 percent.   

2- Maro  

Maro has the amazing Free Fire MAX ability that is called “Falcon Fervor”. If you will master this ability then you will be able to kill the opponent even in one shot. The headshot will depend on the distance between you and your opponent. In short, players will be able to increase the damages by 25 percent from the far distance of the target.   

3- Jota  

When we talk about this time, maintaining the HP level is a little difficult for many players. Many beginners arrived at Free Fire MAX and they don’t know the way to use this character but they are aware of the ability. The best way to master this character, you can practice hard using the practice mode. Jota character is supported with the “Sustained Raid” ability that you can use as a big advantage in the battleground. If you want to get healing support then you don’t need to worry now. Jota character has the amazing ability that will help you in giving healing support while playing in combat.   

Each hit on the opponent will give you a small amount of HP. If you will be able to eliminate the opponent then you will get 20 percent of HP recovery. Jota character will be very useful for the aggressive players. Now you don’t need to bother yourself in finding out the other items for healing support because Jota has the power to give you enough healing support to survive till the last of the combat.   

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