How can I Redeem my Free Characters in Free Fire MAX?  

Garena is preparing to release a new update for Free Fire Max, which will include the all-new Link system. The new Link system will allow players to unlock characters for free. Free Fire Max Character can now only be unlocked using the premium currency, Diamonds. For free-to-play users that don’t want to spend money on Diamonds in Free Fire Max, the new gameplay mechanic will be ideal. The Link system will be implemented to Free Fire Max in a future version, which will most likely be OB33.  

Free Fire Max Character

Because the characters and their skills have become such an important part of the Free Fire MAX gameplay, the producers make frequent updates to guarantee that players get the best possible experience. 

By purchasing diamonds, players can purchase these powerful characters directly from the stores. However, for most gamers, the practicalities of doing so have always been a major concern. To address this issue, the creators just released an update that allows users to obtain a free, permanent character. Free characters, on the other hand, necessitate a great amount of effort and go beyond a few mouse clicks. 

The steps to obtaining free characters in Free Fire MAX are as follows: 

Free characters have been offered in Free Fire MAX since March 24, 2022, and players have more than two weeks to meet the prerequisites. 

Players should first gather LINK Tokens before exchanging them for a Character Choice Crate, which contains a permanent character. To redeem one of these crates, you’ll need 100 tokens. 

Users have two options for obtaining LINK tokens: they may either do daily chores to earn them or purchase them directly from the store with the gold they have amassed over time. 

The missions aren’t difficult through any measures, but they will take some time to complete. 

The following are the rewards for completing the tasks: 

To get 2 LINK Tokens, play one match. 

To get 1 LINK Token, you must defeat five foes. 

1 LINK Token may obtain by winning a single match in Clash Squad mode. 

To get 1 LINK Token, place in the top 5 in Battle Royale mode. 

To get 2 LINK Tokens, play the game for 60 minutes. 

To get one LINK Token, you must play eight games. 

To get 2 LINK Tokens, you must play for 80 minutes. 

To get 1 LINK Token, you must play 12 games. 

Nevertheless, there are some limitations on how much LINK Tokens gamers may purchase through the marketplace. It costs 500 gold coins, and players will not allow four per day. 

In Free Fire, most users can acquire 15 LINK Tokens every day for a week, accumulating enough tokens to get a free character of their choice. 

The steps to gaining free characters in the game are as follows: 

Once you’ve gathered enough tokens, you can go to the next step: 

Step 1: In Free Fire MAX, launch the event and go to the Free Character System menu. 

Step 2: Next, go to the Redeem Free Character section and find the trade part. 

Step 2: Discover the trade part in the Redeem Free Character section. 

Users should make every effort to obtain the products, especially since they can obtain characters worth 599 diamonds for free within a week. 

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