How to Join The Free Fire and Free Fire MAX Partner Program?   

FF Max Partner Program

Hello friends, welcome to one of our new posts, today our topic is how we can join the FF Max Partner Program or what are the benefits of its existence. Garena Free Fire is a very fun game that is playing not only in India but also in the whole world. In this game, you are put on an island with 50 players and taken off the map, where you have to fight with your enemies and defeat them. Well, if we talk about this game then its discussion will go on for a long time, well now we come to our topic.  

What is the Free Fire Partner Program?  

Free Fire Partner Program means working with Free Fire. Remember if you are a YouTuber or put free fire game-related videos on your YouTube channel then you can easily live the free fire partner program.  

FF Max Partner Program: Everyone wants to join this partner program but for that, you must have a YouTube channel or at the same time it is necessary to have views on your channel. Garena has launched the Free Fire Partner Program, which has been joined by many YouTubers, you get a lot of living in it or you also get a lot of diamonds for free by staying in it.  

You must have ever seen that free fire YouTubers have all the diamonds kept with them or they keep gifting things to the people, wow diamonds do not stand by themselves, but they got the wow diamonds free fire partner program free on my stay.  

If you want to join Free Fire’s partner program, then we will tell you what is the nature of it or we will also tell you what it takes to live it.  

How to Join the Free Fire Partner Program?  

If you have a YouTube channel or have a lot of views on it, then you can follow all these steps or know how to live the program.  

Step-1 You must have at least 80% videos of Free Fire games on your YouTube channel, here you get 20% off.  

Step-2 Your YouTube channel must have at least 1000+ subscribers.  

Step-3 Garena’s team will review your YouTube channel after you send your request.  

Step-4 You can’t go wrong with Free Fire in your videos.  

Benefits of Joining Free Fire Partner Program  

As you all know, the cost of diamonds in free fire is very high the biggest advantage of staying in the partner program is that you get many diamonds free from the mill like the one you use. So let us now let you know what is going on in the partner program.  

1- By staying in it, you get many diamonds free and you can also give away all those diamonds.  

2- You will get the necessary stuff to stream like PC etc.  

3- By staying in the partner program, you get many custom cards with the help of which you can get tournaments complete.  

4- They will invite you first to each event, even if the event is in another country.  

Now we will know how you have to join the partner program of Free Fire and Free Fire Max and how you can register for it.  

Step-1 First of all, you have to go to the official partner program website of Free Fire and there you get to see many options.  

Step-2 Where you have to apply now, then click on it, as soon as you click on apply, a Google form will open in front of you and you have to fill in the required details.  

Step-3 Here you have to fill in the name of your channel, photo of your Aadhar card, etc., and then submit it.  

Step-4 After a few days, Free Fire will contact you through Gmail and tell you whether you are eligible or not. 

Both Free Fire and Free Fire Max players can join the partner program. Before going o join the partner program, don’t forget to read the whole information that is given here.

Sunny Ghuman
Sunny Ghuman
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