How to rank faster in Free Fire MAX?  

Getting ranked in Garena free fire MAX is not a difficult task. To rank up faster in Free Fire MAX, you just need some patience and you need to practice hard. There is a Practice mode available in Free Fire MAX in which you can join in free and can play to practice your skills. Through good practice, Free Fire players will be able to secure some points by which they can build up their ranking scores. The process to boost rank is very easy, you just need to do some important things that I have mentioned below in this blog.   

Free Fire MAX Rank

By following the given points that I have mentioned, Free Fire MAX players will be able to score more to boost their ranking. Through the given points, you will be able to plan good strategies for your match. Without further ado, have a look below.  

Tips and Tricks to Rank up Faster   

1- Try to Secure Kills when the Situation is in Your Favour  

Whether you are playing solo or in the team, you need to know good strategies by which you can be able to stand for a long time with the foes. Securing kills is the main part to boost the free fire MAX rank. Whether you can’t win the match but try to secure more kills that will also increase your KD ratio. Before landing on the battlefield, try to pick the character that can suit the situation that you are going to face and also carry guns with good skins. The whole match will be going to depend on your choice.   

2- Win more Matches  

Along with more kills, winning the matches can boost your Free Fire MAX rank fast. Try to play from the base level of matches because you will get less competition at the low level. If you are a beginner then try to practice in the practice mode first. Practice mode will help you in improving gaming skills and strategies. You will also be able to practice with several guns.   

3- Survive to the End of the Match  

Your choice can make you the last standing player in the match. Avoid hot drop zones because you will get high chances to get encountered by the opponent. Avoid looting on the open areas as open areas allows other players to aim at the target easily. When you land on the island then try to hide into the buildings so that you can target the opponent easily and can secure more kills.   

4- Use Different Techniques to Improve Capabilities in Combat  

“Point and Shoot” and “Run and Gun” are the two techniques that you can use to be the last standing Free Fire MAX player on the battlefield. There are some other skills also like “Drag Rotation” and “360° gloo wall” that you can use to improve your rank faster.   

5- Play with Good Team  

Communication and coordination are two important things that players will need to win the match. Without coordination and communication, it will be difficult to win any match. Before landing on the battlefield, collect your friends or someone who played the game with you already to build up a good team. Playing with a known person can lead you to win the match. 

Sunny Ghuman
Sunny Ghuman
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