Have you Read up on How to Master Gloo Walls in Free Fire?   

Free Fire Gloo Walls

There are so many interesting items in Garena Free Fire that players can use to make the gameplay even more interesting. In one of those items of Garema Free Fire, Free Fire Gloo Walls took place in the list of important and amazing items that you should use even at once. Have you ever used Gloo wall in the free fire? Many beginners still are unaware of this feature of Free Fire. For beginners, this guide will be going very useful because I will tell you the solution by which you will be able to master using gloo wall. Read below to get full information.   

What is Gloo Wall in Free Fire?  

While playing on the battlefield, you must have experienced a squad of opponents attacking you many times. In this situation, what will you do to protect yourself? Some players prefer to use sniffers. On the other hand, the pro players prefer to use Gloo walls to cover themselves from the attacks of the opponents.

Instead of being killed by the opponent soon, you can use the gloo wall as a shield to cover your character for more time. When you release the gloo wall, it will create a shield that will save you from the shots done by the foes. If you are still unaware of the correct way of using gloo wall in free fire then you need to look below where I have mentioned the way to be master in using gloo wall.   

Guidelines To Conquer Gloo Walls in Free Fire  

1- The way you put things will make a big difference   

One of the most important things that you need to remember is the placement of gloo walls. Before throwing the gloo walls, try to make a good strategy first. Without a good strategy, the gloo wall will waste. If you incorrectly throw the gloo wall then this can be a big advantage for the opponents and then the opportunity will be increased to be killed by the foes.   

2- When to avoid using a gloo wall?  

Many beginners throw the gloo walls in panic and that will not be going to work. While playing the game, you need to keep calm and focus on each and everything that is happening around your character. If you are not ready to fight with the squad then you can find a secure place where you can hide for some time. While playing on the battlefield, you need to be more confident. Understand the whole situation first, then throw the gloo wall at the correct point so that the gloo wall cannot waste.   

3- The importance of timing in achieving success cannot be overstated  

While using any item of the free fire, time is very important. Using the item very early or very late can be useless. If you don’t want to lose your target then you need to understand the situation. After understanding the complete situation, throw the gloo wall at the correct time.

Your one mistake can be a big advantage for the opponents. If you don’t want to give a chance to the opponents then you need to take care of everything while fighting on the battlefield.   

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