V Badge in FF Max | Guide to Achieve V Badge in Free Fire Max!

After the OB25 upgrade, Garena implemented the V Badge option for Free Fire users. This V Badge is only available to a select few players and is only viewable on their profile. Garena has announced several advantages for the Free Fire partner program, including V Badges, which players will earn as they progress. Today, we’ll show you how to acquire the V Badge in Free Fire.  

V Badge in FF Max

For the Free Fire V Badge, users have launched a partner program. This will be given to the partner as a special gift. This V Badge will be available solely to the partner, according to the information acquired with the OB 25 update. As a result, to obtain this particular badge, the player must enroll in the partner program.  

In Free Fire Max, what is the V Badge?  

In the Free Fire game, according to the rules, the players who are qualified, dedicated, regular, and at the same time are performing better in the game, there is a V Badge on the profile of all Eligible Users / Players which means That is, the player is qualified, dedicated and regular.   

If you have installed the V Badge into your Free Fire Max Profile, it signifies that your account has been properly confirmed, and you will now be eligible for a variety of V Badge perks, allowing you to fully enjoy the free fire game. and have a good time.  

Eligibility to Join the Partner Program   

The gamer that participates in this program must have his own YouTube channel with at least 100K, or 1 lakh, subscribers. Also, at least more than 80 percent of the content on their channel must be based on Free Fire, uploaded in the last 30 days.   

A YouTube channel must also offer clean and non-controversial content, according to Garena’s content policy. Not only that, but the video should have received at least 300,000 (3 lakh) views in the previous 30 days. The user’s YouTube channel should have good and useful content. The gamer should be a diligent worker who can also provide good material.  

If the player meets the above conditions, he/she will have the opportunity to join Free Fire’s partner program. It’s worth noting that even if all of the requirements are satisfied, there’s no assurance that the player will be accepted into the Partner Program. It is contingent on the player’s application and the availability of slots. Only a few of these users will be chosen to participate in this initiative by Garena. In such a situation, V-Badge will also be available only to those users who will be part of Free Fire’s partner program.   

How to get Free Fire V Badge?

All of our Free Fire gamers can simply obtain the V Badge on their profiles by following the steps below:  

Step-1 To get V Badge on all our Free Fire players, first of all, click on here after which its home page will open in front of you which will be like this.   

Step-2 Now you will get the option of Apply Nowhere on which you have to click.   

Step-3 After clicking, its registration form will open in front of you, which you will have to fill carefully.   

Step-4 Finally, you have to click on the submit option, after which you will get the message of congratulations.   

Now, all of our Free Fire players will be able to quickly obtain V Badges in their various Free Fire games.

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