How to Get Scar Paradise and other Goodies by Friend Referral in Free Fire?   

The developers of Garena Free Fire have already introduced so many events. With the arrival of every new update, they are adding some in-game items so that the game can become more interesting. A large portion of the fanbase is depend on the freebies because they are not able to afford the in-game premiums. Want to claim Scar Paradise Skin and much more from the Friend Referral in Free Fire? Read the guide given below.

Friend Referral in Free Fire

Free Fire Players always wait for the new updates because Garena offers them exclusive rewards with new updates that they can obtain for free. There is a running event that launched recently which is known as the “Friend Referral” event. In this blog, we will be going to tell you the method to obtain Scar Paradise Skin and much more from the Friend Referral event.   

What is Friend Referral Event in Free Fire?  

Recently, the developers of Garena Free Fire launched this event with amazing rewards as usual. This event was introduced in the gaming world on 13 April 2022 and you will be able to participate in it till the end of this month. This event is very different from other events because each player of Free Fire will be able to invite almost 3 players to play along in this event. If you are still below level 5 then you can participate in this event.   

The good news is, that beginners in this game also have the opportunity to enjoy this event. This event of Garena Free Fire offers you some exclusive rewards that you can obtain by participating in the event. All you need to do is, participate in the event and then follow all the rules revealed by the developers of free fire.   

Every player will be able to enjoy this event till 24 May 2022. While enjoying this event, you will be able to boost your gaming level from 5 to more. Check out the list of rewards that you will get by inviting 3 friends to the event.   

  • When new players reach Level 5, they will receive a 2x Diamond Royale Voucher.  
  • When new players reach Level 7, they will receive a 2x Weapon Royale Voucher.  
  • When new players reach Level 9, they will receive a Room Card (1 match)  
  • Scar Paradise is unlocked when new players achieve Level 12.  

Rewards That Beginners Can Obtain  

  • When you reach level 5, you will receive a double EXP card (3 days)  
  • Bounty Playcard – Reach Level 7 (3 days)  
  • To get to Level 9 – Prime Suspect (Top), you must first get to Level 8. (30 days)  
  • Achieve Detective Panda Level 12  

Steps to Claim Scar Paradise Skin by Friend Referral Event  

Step-1 Free Fire Android players will need to open the Garena Free Fire application and then click on the calendar icon. A calendar icon will appear at the top of the screen.  

Step-2 Now you will need to search for the friend referral event and then click on it.  

Step-3 From the event section, you will be able to find out the friend referral event without any hurdle. After finding out the event, click on the Go button to proceed further.  

Step-4 Now you will need to enter the Free Fire ID of your friends then you will be able to send the invitation.  

Step-5 If your friend will accept the invitation, you will get the Scar Paradise Gun Skin for free. You will also get the opportunity to reach level 12.   

Join the friend referral event of Garena Free Fire and unlock the amazing goodies that you can get for free. Follow this guide and make your gaming experience better.

Sunny Ghuman
Sunny Ghuman
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