5 most underrated Free Fire MAX guns in February 2022  

After the ban of Free Fire on the Indian server, Free Fire MAX is now the only way for free fire players to access their accounts. As both, the titles are very similar and even you can get a better gameplay experience along with better graphics. Like Free Fire, the Free Fire MAX is also best in terms of almost every in-game item. Get the list of 5 Underrated Free Fire MAX Guns below.  

Underrated Free Fire MAX Guns

The playstyle that you used for the Free Fire; you will need to accept the same gameplay style for Free Fire MAX also. Along with the decent in-game character abilities, free fire players need to improve their gaming skills and aim at opponents. All the free fire characters and weapons have the same abilities by which you can play amazingly. As you all know that weapons in free fire play a major role and the choice of weapon have been on the list of priorities for free fire players.   

In Garena free fire MAX, free fire players will get amazing guns like Groza, AUG, AWM, MP5, and much more that you should not miss. These guns are on the priority list of many free fire pro players. To know the 5 most underrated guns in Free Fire MAX, you need to read the further blog below.   

5 Underrated Free Fire MAX Guns  

1- FAMAS (AR)  

Competence of this free fire gun:  

Rate of Fire – 72  

Range – 70  

Reload Speed – 48  

Magazine – 30  

Accuracy – 47  

Movement Speed – 74  

Armor Penetration – 0  

Damage – 54  

Due to the reason of versatility over several ranges and strong competence, this free fire gun has been the arguably most-used gun by the free fire players.   

2- Thompson (SMG)  

Competence of this free fire gun:  

Rate of Fire – 78  

Range – 29  

Reload Speed – 48  

Magazine – 42  

Accuracy – 42  

Movement Speed – 78  

Armor Penetration – 0  

Damage – 50  

This gun is probably the second most preferred gun by the free fire players. You can use Thompson for overlooked and SMG will be very helpful for close or medium-range combats.   

3- Woodpecker (Marksman Rifle)  

Competence of this gun:  

Rate of Fire – 38  

Range – 63  

Reload Speed – 48  

Magazine – 12  

Accuracy – 69  

Movement Speed – 74  

Armor Penetration – 77  

Damage – 85  

For long-range fights, free fire players can blindly trust Marksman Rifles that is supported with amazing ability. With the help of Woodpecker, free fire players will be able to increase the chance to eliminate opponents even from a far distance.   

4- M60 (LMG)  

Competence of this gun in free fire:  

Rate of Fire – 56  

Range – 65  

Reload Speed – 48  

Magazine – 60  

Accuracy – 43  

Movement Speed – 63  

Armor Penetration – 0  

Damage – 56  

Free fire players are depending on both categories due to their popularity. With the help of M60, free fire players will be able to increase the capacity of the magazine. Instead of reloading firearms, LMG will be the better option to focus on gunning down enemies.   

5- M1014 (Shotgun)  

Competence of this gun:  

Rate of Fire – 39  

Range – 10  

Reload Speed – 20  

Magazine – 6  

Accuracy – 10  

Movement Speed – 60  

Armor Penetration – 0  

Damage – 94  

This gun set has not been the first choice for many free fire players because this gun requires a set of skills. Instead of choosing this, free fire players prefer to go with SMGs, AR. Through this set of guns, free fire players will be able to kill the enemy by one or two shots only.   

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