Best 5 Tips to Increase KD ratio in Free Fire  

Garena free fire has a vast world that is supported with so many free fire characters, in-game items, weapons, and much more. This game has so many things for free fire players but you need skills to use any in-game things. Free fire games has launched its enhanced version after two years in which it has upgraded itself a little bit more. You can easily install this game via Google Play Store or Apple iOS app store. Get 5 Tips to improve KD ratio in Free Fire given below.  

KD ratio in Free Fire 

When you are in the Free Fire battleground, you will get a total number of 50 players in the match in which, you will be the one to fight against 49. There are so many in-game items that you can purchase from in-game store but they will need some in-game currency for it. You might manage everything but are you able to get your KD ratio level up? Well! Maintaining the KD ratio is not the cup of because it will need great skills. You need to avoid mistakes while playing that can affect your KD ratio. To know all the tips that free fire players should follow to maintain the KD ratio, you need to read the further details given below.   

Tips That Players Should Follow to Maintain KD ratio in Free Fire  

1- Don’t Lose Focus on Winning the Match  

KD in free fire games of battle royale game means Kills to Death ratio that can increase by each kill during the match. If you are in the match then try to pick the strong character according to the situation along with a good weapon. Don’t lose your target and try to focus on the opponents because it will help you to aim the shot easily. When you have a strong focus on winning the match then you can reach your aim easily.   

2- Try to Secure 5 Kills at least in each match  

When you are in the match then you need to get at least 5 kills which are important to secure if you want to maintain your KD ratio. As the KD ratio needs more kills to increase the level that means you need to aim shots on foes more.   

3- Avoid Taking Risks if it is not necessary  

When it comes to Free Fire MAX, taking the risk when it is not necessary will not be the best idea. Sometimes taking the risk can lead you out of the match. Try to focus on the foes and shoot when you got the aim.   

4- Focus on Securing Good Gear at the beginning of the match  

As good gear is not playing a direct role in the match but it is important for maintaining the KD ratio. Without the good gear, free fire players will not be able to complete the task easily. The task will become more difficult when you don’t have good gear.   

5- Avoid Combat when the opponent has the upper-hand  

You will need to avoid gun fighting when the opponent got the upper hand. Wait for the opponent to come out from the hiding spot and then use the shot along with gloo walls.   

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Sunny Ghuman
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