5 low-priced Free Fire characters to get in February 2022  

There is a vast world of Garena free fire that enables free fire players to play freely. This battle royale game has amazing graphics that will give a realistic effect to the free fire world. Fans are increasing day-by-play as they are getting so much to build their interest towards this game. When you enter in free fire battle royale game, you will get a character by which you can play among other fellow players. Get the list of 5 Low-Priced Free Fire Characters below.  

Low-Priced Free Fire Characters

Characters are known as the powerful aspects that will help you by assisting with unique abilities. Recently. The developers of Garena free fire have launched some free fire characters and they also offer players to obtain some characters in return for gold. You will get diamonds and gold inside the battle royale game that will act as in-game currency. Through these currencies, players will be able to get any premium items. You will also be able to change your nickname if you don’t have a name change card.   

In this blog, we are going to tell you about 5 Low-Priced Free Fire Characters that free fire players can be obtained even by spending the lowest amount. If you facing the budget issue and still have a wish to play amazingly then you need to read the whole thing below that has amazing budget-friendly free fire characters with amazing abilities.   

5 Low-cost Free Fire Characters  

1- Dasha  

Dasha is a free fire character that has “Partying on” ability. Dasha can decrease the damage by 30 percent and will reduce the recovery time by 60 percent. It will help you to reduce the maximum recoil rate by 6 percent. You can obtain this character in exchange for 8000 golds.   

2- Luqueta  

Luqueta is a free fire character that has “Hat Trick” ability. You can obtain this free fire character by exchanging 8000 golds. This character will be the better option to play for the battle royale title. Up to 50 points, this character will help you by giving 10 points of HP on each kill.   

3- Jota   

Jota is a free fire character that consists of “Sustained Raids” ability. This character can obtain by 8000 gold. This character has passive skill and it will provide you some health on each kill. When you take down the foes, you will get 10 percent of Health Points on each shoot.   

4- Xayne  

Xayne is the better option for the royale battle title. This character has “Xtreme Encounter” ability and you can purchase it for 8000 gold from the in-game store. At the base level, free fire players will be able to get 80 extra Health Points. The damage to shields and free fire gloo walls will be increased by 80 percent.   

5- A 124  

A 124 character will be very useful in the battle royale game. This character has a “Thrill of Battle” ability that will help you by giving 20 EP. The EP will convert into HP later. Use the ability of this character to be the last standing player.   

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