How to Get to Heroic Rank in Free Fire Max? 

Heroic Rank

Online FPS game Free Fire, like most other multiplayer games like BGMI, CODM, and PUBG New State, has its own rating system. The battle royale experience in Free Fire, on the other hand, grows even more intense as you go through the tiers. So, in order to make the most out of your gaming experience, we’ll show you how to push rank in Free Fire, as well as tips and methods for achieving a heroic tier in Free Fire 2021. Once you reach the elite heroic tier, you will earn not just 5000 gold coins and a brand-new avatar, but also a slew of other fantastic in-game awards that will only improve with time. 

Top 5 Fire Rank Pushing Tips & Tricks for Free 

Improve your aim and precision 

The best recommendation for Free Fire players who want to climb the ranks is to work on their aim and accuracy. This is something you may practice on the training grounds. With enough practice, no one would be able to readily defeat you in close combat. Instead of using the default defaults, you should experiment with the sensitivity levels and personalize them to your liking. 

It’s All About Surviving 

You must live until the very end zones in combat royale and Free Fire rank pushes. The more you survive in the game, the higher your ranking points will be, allowing you to progress toward heroic status. Rather than surviving for short periods of time in several games, surviving to the end of a single game can be more advantageous in terms of earning those extra rank points. 

Selection of Characters 

With over 30 characters to choose from, each with unique abilities such as healing zones, increased speed, and the ability to deploy gloo walls, it’s crucial to pick the appropriate one for the job. DJ Alok, Chrono, A124, and Wukong are among the greatest characters for a Free Fire rank push for novices in 2021 to achieve the heroic tier. 

Weapons of Choice 

It’s time to choose an effective weapon now that you’ve chosen the best character for growing your rank and achieving the heroic tier. It’s critical to pick a weapon with good accuracy, low recoil, and decent damage each hit. A lot depends on the weapon you choose, so pick an assault rifle or an SMG wisely. 

Placement of the Drop 

You must be alert from the beginning of the game. Here, we’re talking about the ideal drop place. While there is no right or incorrect answer, you must ensure that you are the first to arrive at your destination. This will help you get the most stuff and keep an eye on any adversaries who land after you. If you strategize effectively, you can even take up early fights and wipe out an entire squad. 

So, there you have it: some of the best Free Fire rank pushing methods and how to get to the heroic tier in 2021. Check out our entire website for more useful stuff. 

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Sunny Ghuman
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