How to get free rewards in Free Fire Gem Team event  

The developers of free fire keep launching amazing events and tournaments that enable free fire players to get some support in Battlefield. Free Fire has a vast world consisting of many foes around the player. Free fire players need to defeat foes to survive. Without the support of good abilities, players can hardly survive. Read the whole blog if you want to achieve free rewards by Free Fire Gem Team Event.   

Free Fire Gem Team Event

Garena free fire launches events for the free fire players so that they will get the opportunity to win some in-game rewards. Rewards mean in-game items including free fire pets, free fire characters, a range of cosmetics, guns, and also much more. These are some amazing things by which you can easily survive into the free fire battle royale title.   

Free Fire Gem Team Event is the third section on the event list that features the 3rd Anniversary of lobby music. You need to click on the profile icon then you will need to click on the event option and then you will get to the whole list of running events of the free fire. To know the method of getting rewards in the Free fire Gem Event, keep your attention here in this blog.   

Guide to Obtain free fire rewards in Gem Event  

Read all the steps that are necessary to follow if you want to get rewards and also other in-game items of free fire. All the steps will assist you in achieving free fire rewards by Gem Event.   

Step-1 you need to open Garena free fire application then you need to access the Squad BEATz option from where you will get the Gem Event option.   

Step-2 Over the camper truck, you will get to see the plus icon that you need to click. After that, select some friends that you want to invite.   

Step-3 Once the friend accepted your invitation, you will get stars clubbed.   

On ten stars, free fire players will be able to obtain one reward from the Gem Team event of a free fire. You just need to send the invitations then wait for a while until they accept your invitation. Remember that, you can’t play with more than 4 members. You can build a team with only 4 free fire players. The selection part is depended on you.   

If you don’t want to lose the match then try to play along with your friends. Playing with strangers will lead you down. You need to have better coordination and communication so that you can use this power to grab the enemy before letting them know. Avoid playing with strangers and collect your friends so that you can win exclusive rewards from Gem Team Event.   

One Random Item That Free Fire Player will get  

1x Scan  

1x Bounty Token  

1x Resupply Map  

Leg Pockets  

Supply Crate  

Armor Crate  

3rd Anniversary Lobby Music  

100x Gold  

1x Bonfire  

1x Summon Airdrop  

In the list of these mentioned items, free fire players will get one random item by Free Fire Gem Team Event. The game will depend on your gaming abilities and skills. Choose the best free fire characters along with the best support so that you will get extra ability along with your free fire character. 

Sunny Ghuman
Sunny Ghuman
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