What are the Best Free Fire MAX character combinations without DJ Alok in February 2022?   

Characters play a critical part in Free Fire MAX, and there’s a wide assortment of them to select from. Each one contains a particular ability that can essentially help clients in getting the Booyah. Moreover, gamers can too develop character combinations by obtaining ability spaces with gold or diamonds. If you don’t have DJ Alok for your game then check out the other best Free Fire MAX Character Combinations Without DJ Alok.

Character Combinations Without DJ Alok

DJ Alok is one of the characters various individuals select as a base for the combinations. In any case, not everybody has him, and also numerous people hunt for combos in Free Fire MAX without Alok. Get Character Combinations without DJ Alok

Top Combinations of Characters without DJ Alok  

1) K + Miguel + Luqueta + Hayato  

A) K has the Ace of All capacity in Free Fire MAX, making strides the greatest EP by 50. It assists has two distinctive modes:  

Jiu-jitsu: There’s a 500% increment in EP change rate.  

Psychology: This mode comes about in recuperation of 3 EP every 2.2 seconds, up to 150 EP. The mode switch contains a 3-second cooldown.  

B) Miguel has an incredible ability that is Crazy Slayer in Free fire MAX. With Miguel, clients pick up 30 EP for each slaughter. They can at that point change over it rapidly with K’s ability.  

C) Hat Trick Ability of Luqueta increments max wellbeing by 10 focuses, up to 50 after each murder.  

D) Hayato has an amazing ability which is “Bushido” in Free Fire MAX. At whatever point the wellbeing diminishes by 10%, the armor entrance increments by 7.5% due to Hayato’s Bushido.  

2) Xayne + Jota + Jai + D-bee  

A) Xayne: Xayne has the Xtreme Encounter ability. After Free Fire MAX Player actuate Xayne’s capacity, they get 80 wellbeings briefly (rotting over time), and there’s 80% expanded harm to Gloo Dividers and shields. The expertise keeps going for 15 seconds, and there’s a cooldown of 150-seconds.   

B) Jota: Jota has Supported Raid’s ability in Free Fire MAX. While utilizing weapons, hitting a foe will recuperate users’ health. Moreover, thumping down a foe will re-establish 10% health for users.   

C) Jai: Jai has Seething Reload ability. Jai’s extraordinary capacity reloads a weapon’s magazine by 30% of its capacity after thumping down an adversary (pertinent as it were to AR, SMG, Gun, and Shotgun).   

D-bee: This character of Free Fire MAX has Bullet Beats ability. D-bee’s aptitude leads to a 5% surge in development speed and a 20% increment in exactness when players are terminating whereas moving.  

3) Dimitri + Otho + Leon + Shirou  

A) Dimitri: Recuperating Heartbeat Dimitri makes a 3.5m-diameter recuperating zone after the actuation of his capacity. Interior, clients, and partners will be able to re-establish 3HP/s, and on the off chance that thumped down, they will too have the capacity to self-recover. This keeps going for 10 seconds and has an 85-second cooldown.  

B) Otho: Memory Mist After dispensing with a foe, the positions of all other adversaries in a 25m extend get uncovered as a result of Otho’s Memory Fog. Data concerning their area gets shared with partners as well.   

C) Leon: Buzzer Beater Leon’s one-of-a-kind capacity re-establishes five well-being after clients survive in combat. This number will increment with the rise within the level.   

D) Shirou: Harm will deliver If the client has the Harm Conveyed capacity and is hit by an adversary inside 80m, the said assailant will be stamped for 6 seconds. The starting shot on the assigned foe has 50% more armor infiltration also there’s a 25-second cooldown period. 

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