Which Free Fire character is better for aggressive players: A124 vs Thiva vs Chrono  

The range of free fire characters has been divided into two categories- One is Active and the other one is Passive. The former one has a limit of time for cooldown and will activate manually. The passive one is not fixed when it comes to cooldown time. According to the situation on the battleground, the abilities of the characters will activate naturally.   

Free Fire Characters

Thiva is the passive character in free fire and the Chrono and A124 are the active characters for free fire players. In this blog, free fire players will be able to compare the characters to use for the aggressive gameplay.   

About A124 Free Fire Character for Aggressive Players  

A124 is the Active Free Fire character that is underrated by the players. This character has the ability in which she can fix the time for cooldown even for 10 seconds. The skill of this character is Thrill to Battle. This skill of this free fire character can utilize for 4 seconds and players will be able to convert 20 EP to Health points.   

About Thiva Character in Garena Free Fire for Aggressive Players  

The Thiva character in Garena free fire has the passive ability that free fire players can use for five seconds on the free fire battleground. Through this ability, free fire players will be able to increase the rescue speed by 10 percent. Free fire players will be able to get 15 health points each second if they can make the recovery successful.   

Chrono Character in Garena Free fire for Aggressive Players  

The incredible ability of Chrono character in Garena free fire is Time-Turner. Through this ability, free fire players will be able to create the force field by which free fire players will be able to block 800 damages. Garena free fire players can use this ability for four seconds. While being in the force field, free fire players will be unable to shoot on the opponent. This character has a fixed cooldown time that will work for the last 180 seconds on the royale battlefield.   

Who is Best for Aggressive Gameplay?  

The ability of Chrono in Garena free fire is Triple Nerf. This ability is making him weaker than before but it is the better choice to build up the free fire gloo walls against the opponents.   

The free fire players will not be able to go for the solo matches with Thiva Character, unfortunately. This character is not available for clash squad and squad/duo royale battle matches.   

Hence, A124 is the one that is the winner of this blog. This character is better than those two characters of free fire. Through this free fire character, free fire players will be able to increase the HP and can use it amazingly for aggressive gameplay. Aggressive players can trust this character blindly. If you want great support then you can pair up this character with Agent Hop pet. Agent Hop pet can get EP that will convert into HP later. 

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