Garena Free Fire is a big world with a lot more incredible items inside. Almost every item in the game is premiums but you should not forget that all those premiums can be obtained for free also. Yes! You heard it right. The Free Fire or Free Fire Max players are lucky because the developers of the game allowed them to unlock their favorite premiums even for free also.

Are you a beginner and thinking about the ways to obtain those items for free? There is not only one but the players have several methods that they can apply to have the items for free such as events, redeem codes, and also much more. 

Currently, the players of Free Fire Max are using the event which is known as the Rampage United Event campaign. It is just a campaign but it is supported by a lot more different kinds of events inside it. All those events are offering you the latest and amazing rewards as grand prizes that you even can’t get on the in-game store. Those items are very latest and the developers are providing you through the events so that they can introduce them worldwide. When you participate in the event then you will get the opportunity to obtain so many rewards such as Free Fire Rampage’s Aqua Loot Box, skins, and also much more. Read below to know the way to obtain them.

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List of Events to Participate in Winning the Grand Prizes

1. Playtime Reward

This event was the first event of the United Rampage campaign. The developers launched this event on 25 June 2022. By participating in this event, the players of Free Fire Max will get the opportunity to obtain the “Night Blade”. The Night Blade is a sort of skin to use for parang. You don’t need to spend real or virtual currency because this item is completely free.

Check out the list below to know the items that you can obtain by participating in this event. 

  • Night Blade by playing 5 matches
  • 50 Rampage Book Tokens by playing for 60 minutes.
  • 2X Incubator vouchers by playing for 100 minutes. 

2. Call Back Your Friends

When it comes to this event, the players of Free Fire Max will get the opportunity to receive the very recent and very amazing Aqua Loot Box. The Aqua Loot Box can be obtained for free by completing the task. In this event, you will need to call back to those friends who are not coming for a long time in the game. When a single person comes by your ID then you will receive the grand prizes.

The List of rewards available in this event

  • 5 friends: 2x diamond royale vouchers
  • 7 friends: 3x diamond royale vouchers
  • 1 friend: diamond royale voucher
  • 3 friends: Aqua Loot box and 2x diamond royale vouchers

3. Complete tasks to receive rewards by exchanging tokens

The violet Dreadlocks are a sort of skin that you can obtain by performing in the event. You will need to collect Thunder Shard Tokens to reach all three different levels. Read below to know the reward list for this event. 

  1. 5 Thunder Shard tokens: Rampage arctic avatar
  2. 10 Thunder Shard tokens: Violet Dreadlocks
  3. 5 Thunder Shard tokens: Rampage artic banner

So, these are the events that will allow you to collect so many amazing rewards. If you have done the reading part then you should participate in these events to get your favorite item immediately.



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