Get A 100% Top Up Bonus in Free Fire Max!

Garena free fire has a huge world that is supported by so many interesting things inside the battlefield. You can continue your gameplay with a total number of 50 FF Max players including you. This game is considered the most played and most downloaded game over the globe. Before the ban of the previous title which was Free Fire, the developers of Garena Free Fire Launched the enhanced version which is known as Free Fire Max. On the arrival of Free Fire Max on all the servers. The developers have added so many amazing features like amazing characters that are inspired by the real-life personalities along with skins & top up bonus that helps in boosting the power of the weapon. 

 top up bonus

As you all know that there are so many exclusive things for players in Garena’s world but do you know how to obtain them? FF Max redeem codes are considered one of the most effective methods to obtain in-game items but you need to know that these codes can work on some limited rewards only. There is another method that can help you in unlocking any desirable item from the in-game store which is known as Diamond.  

What are Diamonds in Free Fire Max? 

Diamonds are in-game or you can say virtual currency which you can use to purchase any in-game exclusive item by spending it in the gaming store. These diamonds are working as money in FF MAX. There are several methods that you can apply for obtaining rewards but using diamonds is a very easy method. In this blog, am going to reveal the method by which you can get a 100% Top Up Bonus in Free Fire Max.  

100 % Top-up Bonus by Games Kharido Website 

Have you ever heard about this website? I think there is more than 40 percent of players still are unaware of this third-party website. Let me tell you that 80 percent of players are using it of obtaining a 100 percent top-up bonus in Free Fire Max. This website will not only give you surety but will also give you an easy and quick way to get a 100 percent bonus for your gameplay. If you are new then you should have a look below where I have mentioned the easy step-by-step guide to use this “Games Kharido” website. Check below. 

List of Top-up Options of FF Max Diamonds 

  • 40 INR – 50 Free Fire Max Diamonds 
  • 80 INR – 100 Free Fire Max Diamonds 
  • 240 INR– 310 Free Fire Max Diamonds 
  • 400 INR – 520 Free Fire Max Diamonds 
  • 800 INR – 1060 Free Fire Max Diamonds 
  • 1600 INR – 2180 Free Fire Max Diamonds 
  • 4000 INR – 5600 Free Fire Max Diamonds 

Step-by-Step Guide to using Games Kharido Website 

Step-1 By using the browsing app with the help of mobile data, the FF Max player will need to search for the Games Kharido Website.  

Step-2 When you have the homepage on your screen of that website then you need to click on the Free Fire open that will be appeared in the top-right corner.  

Step-3 Now, you will get to see two options in which you need to select the Facebook or FF Max ID.  

Step-4 Click on any desirable option to login into the Games Kharido website successfully.  

Step-5 After signing into the website, you will get to see some top-up options over the screen of your device.  

Step-6 Now you need to select one of the given top-up options and then pay for it so that you can get your bonus into your gaming account directly.  

Claim your 100 percent bonus that will be going to help you as a big advantage in Garena Free Fire. Obtain the bonus and add more items to your inventory.

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Sunny Ghuman
Sunny Ghuman
Sunny is a professional content writer, website designer and owner of Free Fire diamond website. He is sharing content best way to earn free diamond. Free Fire diamond is a best website for every player whose playing free fire. This website updates every day new redeem codes for get free diamonds.


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