5 tips to improve sniping in Garena Free Fire  

In Garena free fire, Sniping is also quite an exciting thing in the battle royale game. When it comes to the expert players of free fire, they usually search for powerful sniper rifles like AWM, M82B, and also KAR98K so that they can eliminate their opponents easily. When it comes to beginners, they don’t know the way to use it.   

Sniping in Garena Free Fire

Well! Using the Sniper Rifles in Garen Free Fire is not the cup of tea of everyone. The one who is an expert on the battlefield can only use it and defeat opponents amazingly by it. When you are a beginner and you land on the battlefield along with the Sniper Rifles then it will involve a significant amount of risk for the beginners.   

Hence, I have mentioned some simple tips and tricks in this blog by which the free fire players will get to know the way of using it amazingly in Garena Free Fire. To know everything, read the information given below.   

Guide to Improve Sniping in Garena Free Fire   

These are some following ways by which the beginners and the experienced players in free fire, both can improve their sniping in the free fire.   

1- Safe Distance  

Using the Sniper Rifles means you need to have a long-distance between you and your enemies. These Sniper Rifles are usually used for the long-range battles of free fire. If you are playing in long-range combat then you need to maintain a very safe distance from the enemy. Maintaining the distance between you and your opponents will give you enough time to escape and time to make a safe position.   

2- Wait for the opportunity  

Many free fire players get excited while landing and starts the battle without any strategies. This thing will not be going to work if you are doing the same. Precocity will take you out from the match very early. You don’t need to rush if you want to play safe. Try to make the safe position first and for this, you need to find the safe shelter from where you can easily attack your opponent even before knowing them.   

3- Silencers  

When it comes to the best attachments for the Sniper Rifles, the Silencers are considered as the most amazing attachments for the Sniper Rifles by the free fire players. The silencers will help the free fire players by making their position incognito. When you will able to find the silencer then try to use Rafael for better results. You need to remember that, planning for the strategies before landing on the battleground will always be useful for you to defeat enemies amazingly.   

4- Change the Positions  

If you are in the battleground of free fire and you don’t have Sniper Rifles then what you will do? In this case, you need to change the position with that player who owned the Silencer or the Rafael character in the game.   

5- Sensitivity Settings  

The sensitivity settings will be the best thing to do if you want to get a smooth gameplay experience. Here is the list of setting that you can follow if you want to use the Sniper Rifles in the free fire game.   

General: 95  

Red Dot: 80  

2x Scope: 80  

4x Scope: 75  

Sniper Scope: 75  

Free Look: 85  

These are some Garena free fire games tips and tricks that any free fire player can follow when they are using Sniper Rifles in the battleground. Through these tips and tricks, you will be able to improve your sniping.   

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