Free Fire Wolfram: Age, Story, Background, Special Ability

Free fire Wolfram character

Garena Free fire has launched a new update in which he updated all new character Wolfram. The new update of free fire has now been run globally by the free fire players. If you want to install this app then you can install it by using Google Play Store or Apple’s app store. This game can also be played by emulators on PC. 

Now Garena Free Fire has supported with amazing new content and also with amazing items and characters. If you want to know everything about Free fire Wolfram character (The amazing player) then you need to read this whole blog that is supported with every detail.

Wolfram is a 19 years old free fire player. He is a video game streamer and also an esports player. He is also known by Leif which is his other name of him. 

The ability of Wolfram in Free Fire

1- this is the latest male character in the free fire. 

2- this male character is a video game streamer.

3- with each additional viewer, this character can reduce the damage caused by the headshots up to 25 percent. 

4- this character can enhance the damage of the enemy’s limb by up to 25 percent. 

Guide to Obtain Character

Step-1 you need to first open the Garena Free Fire application into the device that you are using. 

Step-2 When you reach the lobby of free fire then you will have to click on the character icon that will appear on the left side. 

Step-3 now scroll down then you will be able to see so many characters in which you need to select the one that you want. Select the Wolfram character from the character bundle list. 

Step-4 now pay 499 diamonds so that you can get the character to play. 

These are all simple and easy steps by which you will be able to avail of Wolfram Free Fire character. You need to remember that this character needs 499 diamonds to unlock. If you don’t have diamonds then you can win as a reward from some free fire events and tournaments. 

Special Ability of the Character in Free Fire

1- the damage of headshot is decreased by 3 percent to 25 percent. The damage is boosted by 3 percent to 15 percent for the enemy’s limb.

2- the damage of headshot is decreased by 3.5 percent to 25 percent for the supplementary watchers. The injury had boosted by 3.5 to 15 percent for the enemy.

3- the damage of headshot is decreased by 4 percent to 25 percent for the supplementary observers. The damage is boosted on the enemy’s limb by 4 percent to 15 percent. 

4- the damage of headshot is decreased by 4.5 percent to 25 percent for the additional observers. The injury had boosted by 4.5 percent to 15 percent for the enemy. 

These are all the abilities of Free Fire Wolfram character in Garena’s free fire. If you are a free-fire player then you need to read about this amazing character. This character will help you to go to the last of the match. Use the ability of this character so that you can blow the minds of your enemies.

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