How to Get Permanent Gun Skin in Free Fire

Hello free fire players, welcome to this blog that will be very interesting for the lovers of free fire. In this blog, you will be going to know a trick by which you will be able to get the permanent gun skin in the free fire. 

Free fire skin
Garena Free Fire Rapper Underworld M1887 Skin

So, if we talk about the gun skins in free fire then Garena Free fire allows free fire players to get several gun skins by which they can improve the ability of guns even more than before. Even if you know the game to play well, if you are not supported with good quality gun skin in your free fire ID then the player can beat you.

Great Abilities with Gun Skin

So, if you are a free fire player then you need to have the best gun skin with great ability in your free fire ID. Free fire skin will be familiar with your gun and help you to get the aim easily. Through this blog, you will know the way by which you can get the permanent gun skin. 

If you are lacking something that is making your gameplay experience worst then you should have tried gun skin. Gun skin will get a great impact on the opponents and will give you an amazing gameplay experience. 

Difference Between Permanent and Temporary Gun Skin

If you have gun skin from any crates for 1 day or 30 days then you can call it a temporary gun skin and such gun skin which you have got for unlimited days is permanent gun skin. 

How to Get Gun Crates in Free Fire

So firstly, I am going to tell you How to get gun crates in free fire because if you have gun crates then you can get the permanent free fire skin for gun even in one crate. You will get many ways to get gun crates in the free fire. I will give you a list by which you will know how to get gun crates in the free fire. 

List of Things to do for Gun Crates

1) spin in luck royale

2) spin in any event

3) watch video on the booyah app

Guide to get Permanent Gun Skin

If you have got the original gun crate then how can you get the permanent gun skin in one crate? If you got the gun crate but you opened the crate box without using the trick then you will be able to achieve it for some days only. If you are using this gun crate with a trick then you will be able to get the permanent skin. 

You need to remove the skins from all the guns that you have and disable all the abilities. Now you need to go into the games setting where you need to clear the cache. Now you need to log out for some time. Now login again then you need to spin 10 times. Now you need to open the gun crate in which you will get the permanent free fire skin for gun. 

There is another way by which you can get the permanent gun skin. You need to get the redeem codes of free fire that you can use to buy in-game premium items. You need to copy the redeem codes then paste them into the redemption website then you need to pay some in-game currency to obtain permanent gun skin.

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