The Best Free Fire Setting Ideas for Low-end Android Phones Are Available Here!  

Free Fire Settings

Hello guys, welcome to my new blog. So, in this blog, am going to show you some settings that you can use in Garena Free Fire. There are some Free Fire Settings that free fire players can use while playing to get a smooth gameplay experience. When it comes to low-end devices, players are facing a lot of trouble while playing and this is the only reason that they are lacking so much in their gameplay. If you want to boost your gaming stats then you should check out the settings that am going to mention below. These settings are only for free fire players that they can use on their low-end devices.  

How to Fix Lag issue in Low-end Devices for Playing Free Fire? 

There is some sort of settings that any player can use on their devices. Low-end devices mean a device that is not able to afford much storage. For example; if you are facing a lag issue then most of the players prefer to go with the sensitivity settings. Like this, there are some other settings that you will be going to know in the remaining part of this blog. When it comes to this blog, we are going to talk about the phones that are low-end. The good news is, if you are using the old model device then still you can enjoy the gameplay smoothly. Check out the information mentioned below.  

Setting For Smooth Free Fire Gameplay 

the most important thing that you need to remember is that a large portion of your gameplay depends on your choice. Similar to this, there are some settings that depend on some other parts of your device. To get a smooth gameplay experience, you need to take care of so many things such as the brightness of the display, the size of the frame, and also the graphics for the game that you are using the gameplay.  

Points That You Need to Take Care  

1- Try to keep the smooth graphics to remove the lag issue. 

2- The high FPS should be normal.  

Step-by-Step Guide to Change the Graphics Settings 

If you want to change the graphics settings but you don’t know the way to change it then check out some simple steps that I have mentioned below.  

Step-1 go to the lobby of the Garena Free Fire application then you will get to see the setting tab at the top-right corner. Click on the setting tab.  

Step-2 now you will need to search for the display tab and then click on it.  

Step-3 At last, you can change the settings according to the points that I have mentioned above.  

Steps to Change the Sensitivity Settings in Free Fire 

If you are still facing issues while playing then you can go with the sensitivity settings. Sensitivity settings are known as the power setting to get a smooth gameplay experience even on low-end devices.  

  1. Open the Garena FF application on your low-end devices.  
  2. Now click on the settings icon that you will get on the upper part of the display. 
  3. On the settings tab, you will see the sensitivity option that you need to click.   
  4. After that, you can change the settings according to the choice of your gameplay.  
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