Free Fire Pro Player in India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Mumbai….)

Free Fire Pro Player in India

Here’s a list of top 8 best Free Fire Pro Player in India.

TSG Jash

TSG Jash, with his incredible gaming skills, has taken the top rank. Jash is the founder of Two-Side Gamers, a popular gaming group.

TSG Jash’s ID: 123643969

Total Number of squad games: 54

Booyahs: 10

Total Number of Kills: 118

K/D: 2.68

Nayeem Alam

Nayeem Alam can be appropriately given the best and most skilled Free Fire players around in India. And, when you consider the number of games he has played, you will be surprised to hear that Nayeem has appeared in over thousand squad games in practically every season.

Nayeem Alam’s ID: 206923045

Total Number of squad games: 543

Booyahs: 69

Total Number of Kills: 2382

K/D: 5.04


Rakesh00007 is the next player on our list of the top 10 best Free Fire Pro Player in India. He belongs to the elite guild and has participated in over 19k + team games.

Rakesh00007’s ID: – 47282554

Total Number of plays: 361

Booyahs: 11

Kill: 1380

K/D Ratio: 3.94

Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar is also one of the top Free Fire players in India. In the past year 2021, he is one of the finest gamers in Garena Free Fire.

Sudip Sarkar’s ID: 97653930

Total Number of squad games: 388

Booyahs: 70

Total Number of Kills: 1392

K/D: 4.38


Raistar is one of Free Fire’s best and most well-known players and Best Free Fire player in Kerala. His credentials at the game were so terrific that many assumed he was bluffing. In the Free Fire community, he is well-known.

ID of Raistar: 12022250

Total Number of squad games: 173

Booyahs: 23

Total Number of Kills: 386

K/D: 2.54

Ajjubhai 94

Ajjubhai94 has a prominent Free Fire star one of the elite and most popular Free Fire Pro Player in India and fans like watching him do magic in Free Fire. Ajjubhai94, like other well-known players, has an amazing KD ratio.

In dual mode, he played 1500+ matches and killed 6000 plus opponents, giving him a K/D ratio of 4.82. He has over 300+ Booyah in pair mode, which is noteworthy.

ID Ajjubhai94: 451012596

Total Number of squad games: 837

Booyahs: 64

Total Number of Kills: 2572

K/D: 3.33


Gyan Sujan is one of India’s most well-known Free Fire players. Gyan Gaming is his YouTube account, where he broadcasts and uploads videos relating to Free Fire.

Sujan ID – 70393167

Total Number of squad games: 15862

Booyahs: 152

Total Number of Kills: 52661

K/D: 5.26

Action Bolt

Anup Mandal, often known as Action Bolt, is without a doubt one of the most well-known and well-liked Indian Free Fire gamers.

Action Bolt’s first YouTube video was uploaded in Match 2018, and he’s been continuously uploading footage of himself playing Garena Free Fire since then.

Bolt ID — 88651465.

Total Number of squad games: 17773

Booyahs: 300

Total Number of Kills: 56583

K/D: 5.77

The players constantly play. So, Action Bolt has more than 966000 Subscribers on his YouTube.

GT King

The most prominent Tamilnadu Free Fire Pro Player is Ravichandra Vigneshwer, called Gaming Tamizhan. We will look at his Free Fire stats and ID.

GT King ID: is 287597612.

Total Squad Games – 15484 squad
K/D ratio – 2.41

This is our list of the top 9 best Garena Free Fire Indian players in 2022, based only on our opinions and research. Opinions on the subject can vary greatly from one individual to the next. The above-mentioned metrics for each gamer may alter over time. Because gamers are more likely to play the game on a regular basis, you may notice discrepancies in the stats we have provided.

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