What are 5 passive abilities which are good as active in Free Fire MAX  

Garena free fire has an amazing range of in-game characters that are divided into two categories. The first is active and another one is Free Fire Passive Abilities. Those characters have different ways to act in the battle royale game. Through their abilities, free fire players can increase the chance to win the match or to be the last standing player in the match.   

Free Fire Passive Abilities

Active Garena free fire characters are known as the most powerful and most versatile in the game. The active characters of free fire are most attractive as they are arguably the most demanding characters in the battle royale title. However, there are some passive characters of free fire that are quite good as like active free fire characters.  

Read the whole list given below if you want to get some amazing passive characters of free fire that are supported with incredible abilities. Use the abilities of given passive characters of Garena free fire and be the last standing player in the match.   

Abilities of 5 Best Free Fire Passive Characters  

1- Partying On  

There is a free fire MAX character that is “Dasha”. Dasha has the passive ability that is “Partying On”. The ability of this free fire character is most suitable for the beginners of free fire. When you are using the ability of this passive free fire character then you will be able to reduce the damages by 30 percent. You will also be able to reduce the damage of recovery time by 60 percent.   

2- Dead Silent  

Rafael is the passive free fire character that has “Dead Silent” ability. Many pro Free Fire players love using the ability of Rafael. On each hit on the opponent, you will be able to increase the health points by 20 percent. When you are using the Rafael free fire MAX character then you will get the silencing effect on your guns by which you can easily hit on the opponent before letting them know.   

3- Healing Song  

The Kapella is the free fire passive character that can like active free fire characters. Kapella has a “Healing Song” passive ability that will uniquely assist you. unfortunately, this passive free fire character is the most underrated passive character in Free Fire MAX. The ability of this passive character will help you to increase the effect of healing items by 10 percent.   

4- Bullet Beats  

Like other active free fire characters, there is D-bee passive free fire character that has “Bullet Beats” ability. This character will be the better option for beginners to play well. When you are using this, you will be able to increase the movement speed by 10 percent.  

5- Afterburner  

Free fire has many passive characters that have abilities like some free fire active characters in which we got Misha Character at the 5th position. Misha has the ability called “Afterburner”. Using the ability of this character will give you a boost in driving speed by 5 percent and will reduce the damage taken by the car by 5 percent.   

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