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Check out "Nairi," in the Free Fire New Character list. This new character is a climate technology researcher who chases storms. For additional information, see this post!

Free Fire New Character

Free Fire’s character feature distinguishes it from other mobile BR games on the market.  With each “OB” update, Gareena introduces one or two new characters to Free Fire, and OB31 is no exception. In this post, we’ll go over everything we know about the Free Fire New Character OB31 thus far.

Many gamers become bored with utilizing the same character repeatedly. Garena rapidly increases the number of characters in the game. So, the developers keep introducing a new character every 3 to 4 months. 

The game boasts the best character and each new character in free fire has three slots where players can add other skills to form a powerful combo. Let’s take a look at nairi character in free fire and what he can do.

Take a look at the new character in free fire

Nairi is the game’s most recent addition, appearing following the recent Free Fire OB31 update. On the advance server, Nairi was known as a “mystery character.”

Due to the remarkable nairi character ability, the Nairi character is said to be a game-changer. The character will be published for both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. So, if you have not checked it out yet then read on to know about the abilities of nairi character in free fire.

Nairi Character Ability

Nairi is a storm hunter who has dedicated his life to climate technology development. Nairi’s unique ability is to summon a Gel wall called “Steel Gel,” which can restore durability on its own. In short, the Gloo wall summoned by the Nairi character can heal itself.

Now that it’s been added to the game, here’s how it’s described:

“Ice Iron” is the character’s passive ability. The Gloo Walls restore 20% of their existing durability every 20 seconds at the initial level once this ability is activated. Furthermore, utilizing assault weapons, players will do 20% greater damage against the Gloo Walls once they have equipped the character.

Moreover, these benefits get better as your level grows. Here are the specifics:

LevelRestore Damage
120Damage %: 20
222Damage %: 21
324Damage %: 22
426Damage %: 23
528Damage %: 24
630Damage %: 25

Due to Nairi’s passive ability and its impact on Gloo Walls, which can be influential at times, few players may want to use it. With the use of ARs, the user’s Gloo Wall will not only become more durable, but they will also be able to blast their opponents’ cover much faster.

Also Know:

In a few areas, players might not have had the access to the character yet, but it is scheduled to be available soon. Players will see a notice that says, “This item will be available shortly!” if they hit the obtain button. 

Moreover, since the last free fire best character has been published as part of the top-up events, the Free Fire community has speculated that Nairi will be added as well.

Note: It is also predicted that a new character in the free fire server will join the game, and he will be a character with active abilities. According to advanced server leaks, the OB31 update will also include a new pet Yeti and a new weapon called the MAC-10.

So, this was all about Free Fire New Character. Keep up with the newest Free Fire news and updates by visiting our website FREE FIRE Diamond Online!

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