How to Add unique and colorful text to your Free Fire Max ID signature?

Garena Free Fire Max has so many unique things that can blow your mind away. In one of those things, they have added a new feature in which free fire Max players can now add some unique fonts and desirable colors to their Free Fire Max signature. Keeping unique from others is one of the main tricks that can catch the focus of so many players even in seconds on the battlefield of Garena Free Fire Max. Garena has added a feature to the Signature tab that allows users to add a colorful name. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to write beautiful text on Free Fire’s Signature tab; we’ve got you beat. 

Free Fire Max
Add unique and colorful text to your Free Fire Max ID signature

Give a unique color identity to your signature

If you want to give something unique and amazing to your signature then stay with me to get the whole information that will assist you in changing the style of your signature. The gathering, customization, and other aspects of Garena Free Fire Max are immensely appealing to gamers. As a result, developers created events and awards for them in exchange for their in-game data collection. The ‘Colourful Signature,’ which is now a component of the gamer’s profile decorating, is one such element that is quite popular currently in the game. 

How to do it?

Gamers fill out the signature slot with information about themselves or anything else. In the player’s profile section, there is a signature slot. Some gamers also wish to experiment with their style by customizing the letters with different colors and beautiful fonts so that they can give an attractive touch to their signature. Many players struggle with the placement of color and fonts in their signatures. They don’t have to be concerned because we’ve supplied several strategies for making the signature stylish and appealing by adding colors to it. 

Some Hex Codes to Customize Signature 

  • FFA500 is the hex code for “Orange.” 
  • 800080 is the hex code for “Purple.” 
  • FF0000 is the hex code for “Red.” 
  • C0C0C0 is the hex code for “Silver.” 
  • FFFFFF is the hex code for “White.” 
  • FFFF00 is the hex code for “Yellow.” 
  • 00FFFF is the hex code for “Aqua.” 
  • 0000FF is the hex code for “Blue.” 
  • FF00FF is the hex code for “Fuchsia.” 
  • 008000 is the hex code for “Green.” 
  • 00ff00 is the hex code for “Lime.” 
  • 800000 is the hex code for “Maroon.” 

How to Customize Free Fire ID with Colorful Text Signatures? 

Users of Free Fire enjoy standing out from the crowd by adopting unusual nicknames. In the battle royale game, preserving a bright ID signature is one technique to draw the attention of the public. 

If you want to customize your Free Fire Max ID with the help of unique fonts then you need to read the steps that I have mentioned below.  

Step-1 Gamers must first launch the game and then proceed to the profile page. 

Step-2 They must next select the edit space within the profile page. 

Step-3 Players must then tap on the signature slot to update the signature by entering any hex characters. 

Step-4 Finally, after they have completed all of the steps, they must press OK to conclude the operation. 

To apply the colors, gamers must recollect that the hex code they will use must be contained in brackets. They should also be aware that the signature they have requested will not be visible to them, but it will be visible to other players who visit your account.

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