List of Free Fire MAX characters for newcomers   

There are more than 40 characters in the free-fire max world and choosing one character can be a hassle issue for many players. Sometimes you need to choose the character suddenly and you don’t have time to compare them with the other characters. This issue is very common, especially for the newcomers to free fire max. Many things can be the reason for stress when it comes to gameplay like choosing the characters, choosing the weapons, the combinations with pets, and much more. To resolve some of your problems, I have prepared this blog in which you will get to see some amazing free-fire max characters that newcomers should try even at once so that they can know the ability of these characters.   

Characters for Newcomers

If you are new to free fire max world then you need to try many characters of free fire so that you can understand all the abilities and can know to use them in different situations on the battlefield. There is a practice mode available in the free-fire max for beginners and also any player can try this. The practice mode is free which means you can try as much as you want. Through the practice mode of free fire max, the players will be able to work on their skills and improve their abilities. Without wasting much time, check out the characters that I have mentioned below for the newcomers.   

List of Best Characters for Newcomers in ff max  

The characters of free fire max that I have mentioned below are supported with amazing abilities that can help you to survive for most of the time on the battlefield. By using the abilities of the given characters, any newcomers can get the experience like pro players and also can increase the chance to be the last standing player in the free-fire max matches.   

1- Alok  

Since the release date of the Alok character in the free fire and the enhanced version of free fire, this character has been on the list of most popular characters. You don’t need to put much effort when it comes to using this free-fire max character on the battlefield. Let me tell you that using this character is a very easy task for any player. The ability of Alok is “Drop the Beat” which helps the players to boost their speed level. The great speed of the character can save you from the target of the foes.   

2- Hayato  

There are two types of characters and their abilities in free fire and free fire max world. Active and passive are two types of abilities. Hayato is supported with the passive ability which is “Bushido”. By using the ability of this free fire max character, the players will be able to increase the penetration of Armor. Armor is a kind of weapon that you will be going to use for your survival.   

3- Maro  

Another character is Maro who has passive ability. When it comes to active and passive abilities. Using the passive ability is very easy in comparison to the acting ability in free fire max. The ability of this character is “Falcon Fervor” which helps the ff max players to increase the damages by 5 percent from the big distance.   

4- Dimitri  

When it comes to finding out the character with unique ability then you should try out this character of free fire max. This character is supported by the unique ability which is “Healing Heartbeat”. By the ability of this character, the player will be able to build up a healing zone of 3.5 meters that can also protect their teammates.   

5- Dasha  

Dasha is a female character in free fire max that got inspired by a real-life female personality. The ability of her is known as “Partying On” which can help the player in reducing the damage by the foes by 30 percent. 

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