Free Fire Auto Headshot: Best Sensitivity Settings for Mobile!

In Why Free Fire Max is not banned? , the Auto Headshot setting is utilized to improve the gunplay and gameplay experience. Using the Auto Headshot setting can help you perform even better. That is the reason, many free-fire players, even beginners, are looking for the optimum free fire headshot setting to improve their gaming experience. So, they can easily hit their target.

Many gamers do not have high-quality gadgets but still want to play the game with a great deal of freedom. Low-end devices give you too much trouble while playing the game. So, if you are a low-end device user then you don’t need to be a worry. Today, we will share with you the best settings that will surely enhance your gaming experience. Let’s begin.

Settings For Auto Headshot in Free Fire 

Sensitivity Settings 

  • General: 95 – 100 
  • Red Dot: 80 – 90 
  • 2x Scope: 80 – 90 
  • 4x Scope: 75 – 85 
  • Sniper Scope: 75 – 80 
  • Free Look: 85 – 90 

Free fire players should know that when they are going to attempt the Auto Headshot then this sensitivity setting will help you to get your aim.  

You just need to read the free fire best settings for headshot carefully and change it accordingly. Through this sensitivity setting, you will be able to get an amazing experience by using Auto Headshot.  

How to Change the Settings?

Open your free fire app then find the setting option. The setting option will appear over the top of the screen. Click on the setting icon to go further.  

When you open the setting option then you will get to see several options in which you need to change the setting that I have mentioned in this blog. Read all the settings and change them accordingly. 

Settings for Flexible Gameplay Experience 

If you are a free fire player then you must have known that every device can’t support the same setting. Every device needs different settings otherwise you will be facing trouble while playing the game. The setting should be set according to the device that you are using.  

If you have a mid-range or high-end device then you can be able to use the highest possible graphics settings easily. If you are a low-end device user then you need to change the setting on graphics at smooth with high FPS setting at high. When you have done this, then you can turn off the show to get a different gameplay experience.  

Hope you have enjoyed this informative free fire sensitivity setting guide. This setting will give you an amazing experience whether you are using a low-end device or a high-end device.  Just read all the free fire sensitivity settings carefully so that you can change them according to your device. So, players get the setting done & enjoy gaming.

Sunny Ghuman
Sunny Ghuman
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