Two of the most played battle royale games on mobile devices are Free Fire and Free Fire MAX, which is an improved version of the original game. On the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, both Garena games are free to download.  

Players with low-end phones frequently experience problems with frequent lags and low FPS because the game is compatible with a broad variety of devices. As a result, people search for approaches to improve their gaming experience without switching to new hardware. They can increase FPS and lessen latency by using the below-listed techniques and tricks.  

How do make Free Fire and its MAX version run smoothly and without lag?  

Players can make Free Fire and its improved version work well if they keep in mind to take the following actions:  

1- Good gadget and internet connection  

Lag in the battle royale game is frequently caused by a bad or flaky internet connection. Gamers are recommended to use a WiFi connection rather than mobile data. In Free Fire and its MAX version, a good phone will logically handle high FPS settings. Players can be certain that their game will operate noticeably better if their Android or iOS smartphone has adequate RAM and a powerful processor.  

2- Display  

Changing the Display settings in the battle royale game is the best way to guarantee a high FPS. If they choose “Smooth Graphics,” players may count on having a positive game experience.  

Low-end mobile gaming devices require the “Normal” setting rather than “High” when it comes to the High FPS option. This is because a “High” setting can be burdensome on smartphones with weak processors and RAM.  

3- FF MAX Settings  

The following settings must be implemented by players to make the improved version of the mobile game available:  

  • Vehicle Effects – Off  
  • Animation – Classic  
  • Visual Effects – Off  
  • HD Texture – Off  

The settings shown above are mostly designed for players using low- to mid-range devices. If players want a more immersive experience, they can activate the HD Texture and Visual Effects on a high-end device.  

4- Breaks in between  

This notion is important for developing good gaming habits, even though it has little to do with the specifics of raising FPS. Even those boosting their rankings must take pauses while playing the battle royale game consistently.  

Additionally, this will prevent their phone from overheating. Many mobile gamers frequently experience overheating, which can cause latency, decreases in FPS, and other problems.  

5- Important factors  

A Game Mode feature is available on many devices, which improves the gaming experience for users. Players must make sure that Free Fire is active before beginning Free Fire or its premium edition.  

If their device does not already have a game mode setting, they can always download the Game Booster app from the Google Play Store. To make sure that the game plays properly, players are also urged to enable energy save mode, clean cache, and close background programs. 


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