Best Free Fire MAX characters to get with gold for passive playstyle   

There are two types of in-game currency by which we can purchase any sort of premium items from the in-game store. The first currency is Free Fire Max Diamond and another one is a gold coin. Both currencies play a major role in the game. Mostly freebies love to use them just because they can’t afford the real currency to purchase in-game items. There are several methods by which you can achieve in-game currency that is easily available over the internet. The methods are distributed in many parts over the internet and today’s generation wants to have the solution even on a single platform. To resolve this issue, I have combined all the solutions here that you can read below on your own. Check out the guide to get FF MAX Characters by gold. 

FF MAX Characters

Active ability in free fire max is known as the most powerful ability. On the other hand, the passive ability works with the engagement with the other teammates. Playing with a good team can help you in surviving for a long time. Through the passive ability, the players will be able to increase their gaming stats that’s why many pro players love to play with a passive playstyle. Check out the given free fire max characters that you can purchase by gold for playing with a passive playstyle.   

FF Max Characters to Purchase with Gold  

1- Olivia  

When it comes to diamonds then you will need to have more than 4000 diamonds to purchase this free fire mac character. When we talk about gold, the players will be able to purchase it with just 2000 gold or virtual currency. Olivia is supported with a healing touch ability that will help you in restoring the health points by 80 percent.   

2- Maxim   

Golds are easy to obtain which means if you don’t have diamonds then you can purchase them in return for gold coins. You can purchase this character in 499 diamonds but when it comes to gold coins, you will need to have around 4,000 gold coins in your gaming account. Maxim has “Gluttony” ability which allows free-fire max players to eat the mushrooms and use the medkits about 25 percent faster.   

3- Rafael  

For the combats, this character is most favorite for many free fire max players. The ability of this character is known as “Dead Silent” which helps the sniper to create the silent effect so that foes will not be able to spot your location. The silence effect will allow you to aim your target easily even without letting your foes know. You can easily purchase this free fire max character from the in-game store in exchange for 6,000 gold coins.   

4- Notora  

Buying Notora can be a little difficult because purchasing this free fire max character will need many gold coins. If you want to purchase this free fire max character then you need to have 6,000 gold coins in your gaming account. Notora has “Racker’s Blessings” ability which you can use while driving through any sort of 4-wheeler in free fire max. This ability will allow your vehicle to boost its speed level.   

5- Kapella  

Kapella is a female character to use for passive playstyle. If you are going to buy this character then you will need to collect 8,000 gold coins first. The ability of this character is “Healing Song” which will produce the healing song wave that will help you in recovering the health points.   

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