How do I use Emotes in Free Fire on PC?   

Emotes in Free Fire

When it comes to the most attractive part of the Free Fire game, you will get the Emotes in answer by many players. Why do players consider emotes the most attractive part of the game? We have characters, weapons, and many in-game items but they can be boring at a time. Emotes in Free Fire are the things that will never let you bored. By using Emotes in Free Fire, we will be able to express our feelings by using emotions. There are several emotes by which we can use different expressions from dancing to teasing opponents. Undoubtedly, emotes are one of the coolest parts of the game.   

Why do Free Fire Players Loves Using Emotes?  

Emotes in Free Fire are not just a thing to express emotions but will also allow you to communicate with the other player even without any hurdle. If you are using emotes, you can connect with fellow players fast. By using Emotes, you can make your game even more interesting and more joyful. For example; while watching movies, you love you have popcorn. Similar to this, you can use emotes as a piece of Joy while playing the game.   

There are several kinds of emotes that you can use during the gameplay. There are many kinds of emotes like I LOVE YOU emote; dancing emotes and much more. To unlock Emotes in Free Fire, players will need to have some in-game currency in their gaming account because emotes will need some currency to purchase from the in-game store.   

How to Unlock FF Emotes?  

You need to first collect the required number of diamonds then only you will be able to purchase them. If you want to unlock Emotes in Free Fire then you need to visit the in-game shop. From the in-game shop, you will see the emotion section that you will have to click on that. In Emote section, several emotes will be appeared over the screen. Tap on the desired emote and then complete the payment process. After completing the payment process, the emote will directly be transferred into your in-game mail section.   

How Player can use FF Emotes on PC During Gameplay?  

When we talk about the comparison between mobile and PC, these are two different devices and also, they have different functions to perform. If you are using mobile, it can be a little easy for you to use emotes. When it comes to using Emotes in Free Fire on PC, it can be a little tough for some players. In this blog, am going to mention the step-by-step guide that will be going to help you in using emotes on PC.   

Steps to Unlock FF Emotes  

Step-1 Open your PC and click on the Garena Free Fire Application.   

Step-2 After having the Garena Free Fire over the screen, click on the Collection tab that you can see in the lobby of the application.  

Step-3 On the Collection Tab, you will see the Emote section. Click on the Emote section.   

Step-4 In the Emote Section, there will be so many Emotes appearing over the user’s screen.  

Step-5 Click on the Emote that you want to use and then click on Equip button.  

Step-6 Clicking on the Equip button will allow you to obtain emotes.  

Step-7 Now complete the payment process at the last step then you will be able to see emotes in the in-game mail section of Garena Free Fire.   

Steps to use FF Emotes During Gameplay  

Step-1 Open any mode of the FF game.  

Step-2 Now you will need to click over the smile button that will allow you to pick up emotes for the gameplay easily.  

Step-3 Click on the Emote that you want to use in the match. 

Garena Free Fire Emotes are the thing that is a very interesting part of the game. read the whole guide and let yourself know the method to use emotes easily.

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