Check Out the Best Drop Location after OB33 Update in Free Fire Max!  

Best Drop Locations

Are you playing the OB33 update of Free Fire Max? If yes then you should know about the best drop spots that you can choose for having the better loot. Do you know that the whole gameplay depends on your choice? Yes! Your gameplay indeed depends on your choice more. If you are going to play then you need to prepare a strategic plan and pick up the weapons according to your choice. All I want to say is that your whole gameplay is depend on your choice. Before landing on the battlefield, you should also know the best landing or drop spots where you can get the great loot for the best survival. Read below to know the Best Drop Location of Free Fire Max below.   

Best Drop Spots in FF Max  

1- Kota Tua  

Kota Tua is known as the most-hardest Drop Location in Free Fire Max. This drop spot is located near the Bermuda map on the southern part of Free Fire Max world. If you love playing Free Fire Gameplay using the passive playstyle then this drop spot will be going to be amazing for you. This drop spot is supported by the high altitude. When it comes to this famous drop spot, players can also make their camp from where they can kill opponents easily even without knowing them.   

2- Lumber Mill  

When you open up the map of free fire max, you will get to see this location at the bottom of the right corner. If you want to boost your rank in Free Fire Max then this location will be going to be the better choice for you. this map will surely assist you in improving the K/D ratio by giving you the highest score in kills. This drop spot is one of the hottest locations where Free Fire Max players can get the highest chance to obtain many weapons. If you want to get the great loot then you should try this Drop Spot at once.  

3- Command Post  

On the map, you must have seen the refinery. If you want to find out this location then you need to find the refinery first. At the side of the refinery option, you will get the Command post Drop Spot which is not difficult to find. If you want to get amazing loot then this place is right for your gameplay. Passive and Active both players can land on this spot for having an amazing battle.   

4- Observatory  

On the left side of the Bermuda map, players will be able to find out this drop spot of Free Fire Max easily. Bermuda map has so many amazing and useful drop spots. From the previous year till yet, this drop location has been the most amazing location for many pro players. For freebies, this place can be the best choice where they can avail of the huge loot. There are so many safe zones also available which means you don’t need to waste your time finding a safe place to hide.   

5- Snowfall  

To find out this Free Fire max Best Drop Location, players will need to have the Alpine map. On the Alpine map, you will get to see this location which is covered with snow. The heavy snow can be a big disadvantage for you but it is supported by many weapons which is an advantage for any player inside this location.   

Grab the list of Best Drop locations from this given post in Garena Free Fire Max that were introduced after the OB33 update of free fire max.

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