If you are searching best Free Fire Max sensitivity setting for headshots and kill easy to enemy. so you have come best post. we will be share best sensitivity settings for headshots. you can kill enemy by headshot easily.

In Free Fire Max, the ability to consistently hit headshots is a valuable skill. Headshots deal the most damage regardless of the type of firearm used, and as a result, users can quickly eliminate their opponents in a gunfight.

Getting the sensitivity settings right is paramount when hitting more headshots. This can help gamers win more fights, thus helping users to improve their in-game stats and even pushing their ranks higher.

NOTE: The choice of sensitivity is completely subjective and is influenced by many factors such as equipment and more. The settings below reflect the opinion of the author.

High sensitivity is better for hitting more headshots in Free Fire Max

Although Free Fire Max sensitivity depends on the gamer’s preference, many professional players and content creators advise users to keep their sensitivity at a high level. This ensures quick movement of the crosshairs, which helps in locking the target relatively easily with the aiming assist of the game.

free fire max sensitivity setting

After the Free Fire MAX OB35 update, gamers can use the following settings:

• Normal: 90 – 100
• Red dot: 85 – 100
• 2x Scope: 85 – 95
• 4x Scope: 75 – 85
• Sniper Scope: 70 – 80

Free Look sensitivity can be set to any level as it does not affect gunplay.

Users should base their sensitivity settings on the above. They can head to the training island and play a handful of unrated gamers to make subtle adjustments until they’re the right fit. This is only a suggestive range, and users can cross the limit at both ends depending on their comfort.

They are also advised not to change the sensibility constantly as it takes time to assimilate new ones. Therefore, it will often downgrade their overall performance instead of helping them. On top of that, even copying other users’ sensitivity settings will not yield any results.

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Steps to Change the Sensitivity

Players can change the sensitivity settings in Free Fire Max in just a few clicks. Users can follow the instructions given in the following section:

Step 1: Users should click on the gear icon located at the top right corner of the screen to open the Settings section.
Step 2: Next, they have to select the Sensitivity tab from the menu on the left.
Step 3: They can use the slider carefully to adjust the settings and then close the settings.

If users want to reset their sensitivity then they can click on reset button.

Tips for hitting more headshots

Gamers can set aiming accuracy to default and then use aim assist to land headshots. They can practice drag headshots, which essentially involve dragging the right fire button upwards toward the opponent’s head.

This locks the crosshairs over the head into the hitbox, quickly securing a headshot. Users can practice one-tap headshots at the same time to easily take down opponents with shotguns and desert eagles.


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